7 Reasons why your Company should (still) invest in SEO in 2018 A list of wiseful things you should take into account before choosing between launching a SEO campaign or not

The Game Changing Tricks to Boost Your SEO Rankings in 2018

“I want to become a digital entrepreneur!”


“I wish my online business can grow internationally.”


“I want to take my business online so more customers can reach me.”

You might have listened to these statements for many years, but many people wish it, but they don’t know their directions.

Many businesses have overlooked the importance of SEO for their success in the digital world. That is why they plan to make most out of their business but fail to do so.

For many people the term “SEO is dead,” but this is not the case. It has not only grown over the time but somewhat success of your business online depends on the SEO. SEO has played an essential role in entirely rowing the company as well. Do you know how a good SEO helps in improving your business in the digital world? We will tell you!

#1. SEO still works

... and it still works wonderfully.

The SEO is headed towards more branding and providing search engines more organic sources to rank the content and website, but all the other methods still work. No one can deny that SEO drastically improves the ranking of the site on the search engine. Therefore it is one of the ways to enhance your business on the internet.

On the other hand, more than just relying on the search engine the SEO is generating methods to improve organic traffic on your website or blog. That is why not only traditional methods of SEO works for your business but also the new ones are essential for your current business growth.

#2. SEO is not stopping anytime soon

Since all the primary functions of ranking are done through keywords, there is no possible alternative have found to do it any other way. It doesn’t matter how intelligent Google or any search engine algorithm gets; it always depends on keywords to rank any blog or website that is why SEO and its techniques will not stop any time soon. Therefore there is more chance for you to apply SEO techniques for your business and make most out of it.

#3. SEO is cost-effective

When we compare SEO with other forms of online marketing regarding cost such as PPC advertising, Purchasing leads for email marketing program, social media marketing, etc. SEO has relatively good ROI. Well it is true that PPC will bring more revenues and Social media marketing is much more important for your brand image, but organic SEP will always remain a backbone and bedrock for your digital presence.

#4. SEO attracts more market share

Do you know 80% to 90% of customers check the online reviews before buying and these numbers are expected to increase? That is why if your business is not virtually present and have a visible place at a search engine, do you think your customers will able to locate your business?

Without organic SEO, ranking on search engine and strong digital presence, people will have a hard time finding you and instead, your customer will end up seeing your competitors.

#5. SEO helps mobile traffic growth

There is a drastic increase in the traffic driven towards the mobile devices than to the traditional desktop devices and the numbers are expected to increase in coming time as well. Since there is a dramatic explosion in mobile usage has seen there is a new space for effective SEO and its techniques opened for businesses and companies like local search optimization for mobile users.

#6. SEO helps to focus on content

... and an unhealty content profile is a weakness nowadays.

Over the period some things are changed in Google and other search algorithms are done in SEO which doesn’t have much importance some years back such as social media indicators and good content profile. These elements have much more significance in ranking your website, blog and content and now have much more impact. That is why if you don’t have the strong content profile it will damage your business and its ranks since it has become an essential element to rank your website on Google. Here, you need to refresh your old content according to the current and fresh SEO techniques and convert your previous content into a strong content profile to maintain and improve your ranking of search engine.

#7. Your competitors are doing it too

Some digital marketing gurus believe that SEO is a never-ending process and since it is the backbone of the search engine, it has become most essential part of your digital presence and growth. If you have still not started and invested in SEO, it is an excellent time to do it now because your competitors are doing it. When a customer searches on the Google or any Search Engine, it will show the related results and if you are not working hard to rank on the top, the competitors who are doing it will grab them. Your competing business has to do nothing about it except to get on the top of search results and when they do, your potential customers will automatically direct towards them.


Instead of investing much more money on other marketing techniques, businesses and startups should focus on SEO for better, quicker and lasting results. Once you can rank your website, blog or content for related keywords, it will become a continuous benefit for your business. Therefore work on organic keyword data and traffic and grow your business in stronger online presence and branding efforts.

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