5 Tips for MS Word to Improve the Speed of your Work Some useful suggestions to improve your writing skills and increase your overall productivity with MS Word

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Microsoft Word is a very efficient tool where you can work on your projects and essays in college. You can do some articles, be able to set the fonts according to your professor’s instructions, and add pictures to your documents. Being very efficient when using MS word can improve your work speed a lot. If you want to know some Microsoft Office tips, then this article is for you.

1. Cut, Paste, and Copy images and text with Shortcuts

One of the things that you can do is to copy some useful information from a source to your document. In order to save time, you can simply copy a quote directly by pressing the Ctrl + C and paste it using the shortcut Ctrl + V. In order to remove some words on parts of the document in order to transfer it to another part, then you can use the cut option. You can just simply press Ctrl + X on the keyboard to make the process faster.

2. Delete a lot of Words at the same time

In order to make things faster, you can just simply highlight the words that you want to remove and press the Backspace key on your keyboard. In fact, this is one of the tricks that many professionals use in order to pass their projects and assignments on time. If you are having doubts about what you are writing on your essay, simply press the Backspace key and rewrite the words. You can gain ideas from affordable essay online that can make your work so much easier.

5 Tips for MS Word to Improve the Speed of your Work

3. Double click the words

Whenever you have words that need highlighting, you can just simply hover your mouse on the word and double click it. This will save more time rather than highlighting the words using the click and drag method. You might be looking for help through cheap writing essay service and decide that what you are writing is not what your professors wanted to see. You can delete the paragraph and the sentence and exchange it for the ones that you see from the writing essay service where you sought help, and you are good to go.

4. Shortcut for Links

There are times when you just have to simply insert the links in order to make your document more authoritative. In this case, you can just simply press Ctrl + K in order to make your work easier. This is less of a hassle than right-clicking the word, then choosing the link option from the menu. There is a cheap essay writing service that you can find online that use links all the time. This is because links can be of help when it comes to pointing the source as well as they show your professor that you are credible in writing your essay.

5 Tips for MS Word to Improve the Speed of your Work

5. Use the Find button

If you are searching for something on your document, just simply press the keys Ctrl + F on the keyboard. You will be able to search for the words quickly by simply typing them on the space that you can see on the right side of your screen. This is very efficient if you want to change something in your essay. There are writing services that use this feature whenever they are trying to search for keywords in the document. This is also helpful when you are searching for a particular word that you need to highlight or add links.

By improving your ability to work on Microsoft Word, you should are on your way to creating wonderful essays, newsletters, and a lot more that can help you a lot in college. Note that professionals and people who are in the corporate world also need MS Word because it can make a lot of things done in a short period of time.

MS Word useful Shortcuts

MS Keyboard Shortcut Description
Ctrl + B Bold the text that you highlighted
Ctrl + I Italics
Ctrl + D Allows to Change Fonts
Ctrl + E Center the highlighted Text
Ctrl + M Paragraph Indention
Ctrl + P Print the Document
Ctrl + Space Reset Fonts to Default
Ctrl + Z Undo Last Action
Ctrl + Y Redo Last Action

These are just some of the keyboard shortcuts that can help you write an efficient essay for your assignment or thesis. If you are able to finish your tasks on time, you won’t have anything to worry about in the next days. You will also be able to pass the documents before the deadline which what you and your professors want.

If you are pressed for time, another option for is getting affordable essay writing service that can help you finish your tasks online. With the help of the professionals, you will also be able to know other tips and tricks that they use in order to work efficiently with MS Word.

5 Tips for MS Word to Improve the Speed of your Work


You can get your work done on time if you know the right keys to press in MS Word. These are just some of the timesaving things that you can do to improve your efficiency. When you know a lot about MS Word, you can create one of a kind essays that will give you higher grades in one of your subjects.


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2 Comments on “5 Tips for MS Word to Improve the Speed of your Work Some useful suggestions to improve your writing skills and increase your overall productivity with MS Word

  1. my word document crashed and I reopened and did all my data again.. but still, I need that last data I was working on.. Can I recover it when I have worked on the same document and saved it later?

    1. Hello there,
      To do that I suggest to read the following posts:

      • https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office/troubleshoot/word/recover-lost-unsaved-corrupted-document
      • https://www.ryadel.com/word-excel-recuperare-file-non-salvato-doc-docx-xls-xlsx/ (you might need to translate it using Google translator)

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