5 Top Alternatives to Microsoft Office A list of 5 valid offline software tools and online solutions that (hopefully) won't make you miss Word, Excel and/or MS Office

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Microsoft office has dominated the office industry with their incredible apps. Having the best products in the market that guarantees to keep your computer operations smooth is what makes them convenient for everyone. However, all their apps are somewhat complicated and will take several days learning the ins and outs of each product. Here is a few Microsoft office alternative.

Google Docs, Google Sheets

Google has a hand in almost every area of technology. Therefore, when it comes to computer products, it provides you with cloud-based products that are quite easy to use. With Google docs, you will not have to go through the installation process to enjoy its service. Additionally, it is free for anyone who has a computer and quality internet connection. The cloud storage also ensures that your documents will be safe and you can access them from anywhere across the globe without having to use the same computer to find them. In other words, you can feel your assignment materials from one location and access them from another without transporting the entire machine unit.

With online Google docs, you will enjoy services of spreadsheets, presentation app, word processor as first apps and forms, and drawing as a free Microsoft suite package. Therefore, you are sure that you will be able to attend to any tasks you might have comfortably with only basic skills. Additionally, the worry of losing documents after scanning your machine will not be an issue for you any longer.

Office Online

If you are among those who love to try alternatives but are yet ready to let go of a significant brand, office online is the product for you. It is an excellent way of ensuring you receive quality service in a simplified version of the famous Microsoft suite.

However, what makes it even better is that it also has a cloud base storage, which guarantees to keep your documents safe for long. Unlike the traditional office suite, office online allows you to edit docs save on cloud from a different computer. Additionally, apart from the usual data charges, these free Microsoft office does not attract any other charges. Therefore you will enjoy smooth operations without any limitations or restrictions due to payments.


Flexibility is essential when it comes to the selection of suitable products. LibreOffice is available in 110 languages, which is a significant sign that the product is flexible and can be used by a wide range of computer users. This product operates with ODF (OpenDocument Format) making it slightly different from the typical Microsoft office suite. However, it also uses the same format as Microsoft, and it’s also available in Mac OS, Windows and Android versions for maximum flexibility.

WPS Office Free

Finding a good office product that will guarantee smooth operations in android devices and windows at the same time is not that easy. It will take more time wandering up and down, and still nothing substantial will be found. However, with the introduction of the WPS office, things have taken another dimension altogether. Although this product contains some ads while running, it is convenient as it supports Microsoft formats and it suitable for cross-platforms.

Additionally, WPS office comes in various languages, which makes it easy for people from diverse backgrounds to embrace it. It also has a free PDF reader, which enhances its chances of becoming an incredible person.

SoftMaker FreeOffice

SoftMaker is almost the same as WPS; however, it has slight changes that make it better to install and use in any device. It also supports the Microsoft office suite; plus, it’s free. However, if you have an eye for quality, noticing that the applications have premium and free versions will not take even a minute for you to realize. With a premium version, you can conveniently install it up to 5 different machines and receive quality performance.


The above alternatives are just a few that have been collected to assure users that there are also other products that can even get the job done. To avoid all these hustles, there are numerous office alternatives that you can install and still get work done. Companies as PapersOwl where you pay someone to do my essay often use these alternatives and produces some of best essay in the market. However, whichever brand you choose to use, it is essential to be sure that you understand it better and it can synchronize with your Microsoft suites.


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