10 Tips for Choosing an IT Support Company for your Business Some useful suggestions to help you make an informed choice and end up with the best IT Support Company for your unique needs

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With the way the world is changing thanks to the global pandemic, more and more of us are working with computers to an even greater extent. Companies are having to give employees access to systems from home, setting up everything that this entails and being able to monitor more and more systems, software and hardware to ensure nothing is compromised and everything continues to function 24/7. With this in focus, there has never been greater demand for IT Support Companies and the peace of mind they can offer.

Unfortunately, as with any sector, not all IT Support Companies will offer excellence, nor will they all prove a perfect fit with every specific business. That is why these 10 tips are offered. To help you make an informed choice and end up with the best IT Support Company for your unique needs.

1. Check out their history

Look at what experience they have, what sort of projects they tend to go for and research the size and infrastructure of the company to see if you think there is a possible match.

2. Give them a ring

While this may seem like an antiquated notion, with emails, chat and other contact methods used more frequently, there is nothing like a phone call to gauge how easy it would be to get in contact with an IT Support Company in an emergency.

3. Do they come across well?

In these Covid-19 times a face-to-face meeting will likely prove tricky, but set up a Zoom conference or similar to see whether they feel like the sort of people you will get on with.

4. Make sure they don’t tie you in

No decent IT Support Company should present you with inflexible, lengthy contracts with no break clauses. If this is the case, it should ring all sorts of alarm bells.

5. Go local if possible

Finding a local IT Support Company is a good idea. If they are nearby, or at least have engineers nearby they will respond far quicker. You can also get backlinks and set up good local SEO symbiotic relationships with local businesses.

6. Industry specific experience helps

Having experience with retail, and more specifically record shops will certainly help an independent record store feel like their IT Support Company will understand their unique challenges, for instance.

7. Are they trying to push you towards certain brands?

It is wise to steer clear of IT Support Companies who are insistent on you switching to specific brands without what feels like reasons specifically relevant to your business as it is likely an affiliate relationship and they are seeking commission, rather than helping you.

8. Ascertain speed of service

You should definitely find out how quickly they will be on hand to correct any faults or problems. Try to be specific and get them to give you guarantees – at least in terms of how quickly they will send someone who is qualified.

9. Ask to see certifications

The last thing you need is a team of cowboys. They should be happy to show you certifications and qualifications.

10. Go for full coverage

You want both proactive and reactive IT solutions. That is the ultimate package. This way you will hopefully benefit from the fact that it is in their benefit to keep your system problem free.




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