Qualys Webcast - Prioritization of Vulnerabilities in a Modern IT Environment A complimentary webcast offered by Josh Zelonis and Jimmy Graham of Qualys, Inc. - March 14 2018, 7:00 PM CET

Qualys Webcast - Prioritization of Vulnerabilities in a Modern IT Environment

If you want to keep track of what's happening in terms of IT security these days, you can hardly miss Qualys: not only for the free and premium services they offer, yet also for the great webinars & webcasts they frequently put on stage. Such online resources definitely are a premium resource for IT managers and professionals working in the industry. Most of them can also be reviewed as podcasts from the Qualys Webcast Library, where you'll also be able to see the upcoming ones.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not working for Qualys, they are not related to this blog in any way and they definitely didn't pay anything to be here. I'll just be one of the Webcast attendees, and I strongly suggest you to do the same because the covered topics will be most likely worth of your time!

The planned date for the webcast is March 14 2018, 7:00 PM CET.

Here's a short presentation depicting the Webinar topics & highlights, as taken from the Qualys official web site.


The combination of today’s fast changing IT environments, increasingly common “headline” vulnerabilities and swift weaponizing of exploits requires a more automated, continuous and precise approach. Defense methods such as IT asset inventory, vulnerability management, threat prioritization, and patch deployment all must adapt with new speed and scale to deliver continuous visibility of global IT assets and environments for the realities facing today’s digital business.

Join Qualys along with featured guest speaker Josh Zelonis, Senior Analyst at Forrester, to discuss the practical realities of prioritization in the era of digital transformation, industrious attackers and headline vulnerability disclosures. How can security teams sort through thousands or millions of vulnerabilities in time to prioritize a subset of those, act appropriately, then report up the chain?

By attending this webcast, you will understand:

  • What this new era of branded vulnerabilities and rapid exploitation means for IT security teams already faced with increased scale and sprawl of cloud, hybrid, on-premises and containerized environments
  • How teams can streamline capabilities in order to simplify security with fewer staff resources
  • How to unify your approach to asset inventory, vulnerability management threat intelligence as vulnerability risk management
  • Why continuous visibility across global IT assets and environments is essential for automating security

Speaker Bio

Josh Zelonis

Josh Zelonis is a senior analyst at Forrester, serving Security & Risk Professionals. He covers security architecture and operations, with a focus on cyber threat intelligence, detection, and response. In this role, he helps clients continuously adapt their architecture, policies, and processes to evolving threats while also developing robust incident response capabilities that limit the impact of breaches. His research focuses on threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment/management, malware analysis, and incident response.

Jimmy Graham

Jimmy Graham, Director of Product Management at Qualys, has been deeply involved in information security and vulnerability management for over 10 years, in both higher education and corporate environments. He has managed teams covering firewalls, SIEM, IDS, application security, vulnerability management, penetration testing, governance, and compliance.


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