imageNamed not found and other Assets/Resource Files issues after creating a new CocoaPod library

imageNamed non valido (e altri problemi con i resource files) dopo la creazione di un CocoaPod

Some days ago i wrote a post to announce that my DownPicker component library just became available on CocoaPods. Shortly after the pull of the refactoring I made to make everything compliant with the CocoaPods public trunk interface, some users noticed that the component - only when installed as a pod using the pod install  command -  was unable to properly display the embedded images. A strange behaviour indeed, since I had them included in the  /Assets/ folder, which path is obviously included in the wildcard reference i set to the resource_bundle  property of the  .podspec file:

After a quick check it turned out that the issue was related to the component code itself: the method I used to reference my image wasn't referencing any bundle, expecting the resource files to be in the root path.

This is something that would work on a manually added component - such as it was until few days ago - but not for a CocoaPod.

Luckily enough, the fix was quite straightforward: all I had to do was creating a reference to the bundle itself and passing it to the imageNamed method using the additional overload which serves this exact purpose:

This small update can be used for any other asset / resource file not found, it won't break your existing code and it will work even for manual installations. If you're also facing a similar issue, chances are that it will save your day too.

Happy coding!

EDIT: just found this thread on StackOverflow containing an almost identical approach. You might want to check it out for future updates regarding this issue.


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