How to hire dedicated developers in Ukraine and get the utmost out of your software Ukraine is the country that is considered to be a preferable region for hiring software developers: what's the secret in it?

Top characteristics of a competent Web Developer

The experience of developers plays a significant role in the success of your future software. Developers must be skilled not only in programming but also they need to understand the current IT market.

Ukraine is the country that is considered to be a preferable region for hiring software developers. What is the secret in it? You will get more information if you read this article.

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Why Is Ukraine Good As The Software Development Arena?

First, our goal is to explain the main reasons why Ukraine attracts new clients to create web and mobile applications. When somebody needs to hire a developer, they are looking for a region with skilled specialists and reasonable prices. And that is what Ukraine may boast about.

High-Grade Education Level

That is a fundamental reason to work with Ukrainian developers. According to the State Of European Tech Report 2019, about 200,000 IT specialists graduated from universities last year. Thus, Ukraine has a strong talent pool to collaborate with. Besides, the SkillValue report 2019 has shown the global IT ranking where Ukraine ranks the eighth position.

Ukrainian developers are skilled in Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C++, C#, and other top technologies. No wonder that many programmers got invitations from foreign companies who need a software developer for hire.

Affordable Rates

It would help if you remembered that cheaper doesn’t always mean worse. The particularity of the Eastern European region (where Ukraine is located) lies in relatively low development hourly rates; this is due to the market conditions. The range of rates in Ukraine falls within $25-50 per hour.

Hence, hiring a dedicated development team in Ukraine is a more financially attractive option than hiring devs in the USA, where the average hourly rate is $150-200. Besides, as it is clear from the first point, Ukrainian software developers' skill level is very high.

High English Language Skills

It is worth noting that all software developers must have at least basic knowledge of English. The development process requires applying English terms and combinations, so developers have to understand what they do. The majority of Ukrainian developers have an upper-intermediate level of English since they mostly communicate with foreign clients. Additionally, many IT companies provide English courses for their employees to increase their English skill level.

Good Time Zone

If the client is located in Europe, the time difference between any European country and Ukraine will not exceed 2 hours. It is very convenient for proper communication between clients and development teams. But it doesn’t mean that clients from the USA, Asia, or Australia won’t be able to cooperate with software developers in Ukraine.

As a rule, development companies are flexible; they adapt to the client’s conditions and create software while clients sleep. As for meetings, it is not a problem to hold a meeting at a time appropriate for a client.

Clear Business Vision

Also, clients from other world regions have no problems communicating with Ukrainian developers since devs adhere to generally accepted business practices and strictly follow them. Finally, they can understand what the client needs since they feel the pulse of the IT market conditions. Not to mention similar cultural values between European regions and Ukraine.

Summing up the first section, we can say that if you need a software development company, Ukraine is the country you can opt for your project.

However, there is another crucial point to consider. The first specialist your project requires is the UX designer. Because the designer creates the architecture of the software’s design, and the app's success depends mainly on an appealing design.

But the full-stack development team provides a whole scope of services that includes designers, developers, QA engineers, business analysts, etc. So you shouldn’t worry about it.

Three Accessible Options To Hire Software Developers In Ukraine

Let’s move on. You are convinced that you will pay attention to software developers for hire in Ukraine. However, you need to choose the hiring option. You can outsource software development or hire developers via an outstaffing company. Or you can hire freelance developers. What is the best option? First things first.

Outsourcing Model

This is a popular option that works perfectly in Ukraine. Software development outsourcing means the delegation of project development to offshore developers on a turnkey basis. Development companies create your software from scratch, starting from design to deployment and release. However, you can also outsource design creation if you need a redesign of your app, for example.

  • Outsourcing model pros include flexibility, cost efficiency, high quality, attention to detail.
  • As for cons, lack of full control and communication issues may be considered as weak sides.

But dependable companies value their reputation, and they always do their best. As for communication, we already noted that there is no language barrier in Ukraine, and flexible companies are still ready to hold a meeting when it is convenient for a client.

Outstaffing Model

Outstaffing means that you hire developers in Ukraine (or any other country), but you only hire a few required specialists. That is, you have a project that lacks a Ruby or Android developer, for example. You hire a specialist from a specific company, and they become your employees for an agreed period.

The pros of outstaffing include your interview with a candidate. You are the one who hires them. You have more control over their work, and you also save costs since outstaffing a developer usually costs less than hiring a local developer.

The cons make higher responsibility (unlike outsourcing, you need to control everything the specialist does so that more control can become a disadvantage as well). And communication again — if it is the US companies that hire developers in Ukraine, it may be a problem for them to communicate with a specialist from a different time zone efficiently.

Freelance Model

And the third model of collaboration when you are hiring out Ukrainian developers is a freelance option. You hire a freelance designer or developer using such platforms as Toptal, Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

However, its pros are not so vast — the cost of freelancers is lower because you hire one specialist, not a team.

Whereas its cons include unreliability (freelancers may disappear right in the middle of the development process), higher risks of failures, there is a fraud risk (even when you sign an NDA, the freelancer may steal the information), it is not the best option for a long-term project.

Besides, a large project will require different specialists like a designer, a few developers, QA engineers — it won’t be a simple task to hire other freelancers and build a team.

Steps On How To Find Software Developers

It can be challenging if you don’t know how to hire a developer in Ukraine or any other world region. We have prepared a list of recommended steps you can take to find experienced developers for your project.

#1. Create A Business Plan And Project Description

For a start, you need to draw up a business plan that will contain detailed information about your project, its strong and weak sides, possible revenue models, what problems it solves, etc. You must avoid failures and succeed. Also, create a detailed project description for future developers so they can get acquainted with your project idea quickly.

#2. Find A Development Team

Open such trustworthy websites as GoodFirms,, 99firms, and sort out the company by rate, region, development areas. Select about 2-5 companies that you liked most, and check their portfolio, read reviews about them. All reviews on these websites are real since the administration verifies them.

#3. Set Up A Team Structure

Determine the number of specialists you need. If you want to create a project from scratch, then you will need a full-fledged development team that you can find at any software development company. If a specialist is required for the outstaffing model, mind to describe their requirements.

#4. Interview Your Candidate

Before you sign a contract with a development company, we recommend you hold a meeting with business development managers and the company's CEO, if it is possible. However, a skilled project manager and BD manager may be enough to discuss all project details and coordinate project-related issues.

#5. Sign And Start

The signing of the contract and NDA (non-disclosure agreement) are the first steps to development initiation if all conditions meet your expectations. You can ask for meetings (if companies work by Agile methodology, they will provide you with up-to-date information after each development sprint) and monitor how the process goes.


We hope this guide will help you find the team that will implement your project according to the stated requirements. Besides, you can always opt for an appropriate hiring model, depending on your project.

You will do everything properly if you follow the recommendations mentioned above. Also, you can check another guide to hiring Ukrainian best developers with crucial requirements. We wish you good luck and app success!

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