The Definitive GDPR Handbook for IT Compliance by ManageEngine - Free Download A useful manual that summarizes the required steps to adapt any IT infrastructure to the upcoming European Regulation 2016/679

GDPR - Cosa è, cosa cambia, come agire

It's not the first time that we talk about GDPR on this blog. For those who missed the previous articles, we briefly mention the resources that can help Privacy Officers and IT consultants working in the Privacy field to guide their companies in this delicate transition:

To enrich this content today comes the excellent IT handbook for GDPR compliance, a real operating manual created by ManageEngine (the company that developed the AD Audit Plus and AD Manager Plus software suites) to help IT specialists - systems engineers, developers and managers - to check that they have done all the necessary activities to adapt their IT infrastructure to the requirements of the new legislation.

To request the guide, currently available only in English, you can use the dedicated form on their official website or download it directly from the following link:

The guide presents many interesting ideas and is an extremely useful reading for the IT specialists who want to make sure once again that they have completed all the necessary steps. After all, the GDPR is just around the corner, which makes it very important to ensure that our IT environment is secure and compliant. The guide focuses on the various requirements and GDPR mandates that have a direct impact on the IT environment, providing the appropriate solutions to help anyone who has lagged behind to accelerate the journey towards GDPR compliance.

The document topics include the following:

  • List of IT compliance challenges represented by the GDPR.
  • Explanations of the main GDPR terminologies.
  • Details on GDPR compliance violations and related penalties.
  • Practical activities that need to be done to become compliant with the GDPR.
  • Simple solutions to help the Privacy Officer through the GDPR compliance path.

Needless to say, ManageEngine also offers a customized advisory service on GDPR IT Compliance, mostly designed for large companies: interested parties can request more information via the form available at this link.

This post is part of a series of articles and essays regarding the new European General Data Protection Regulation in EU countries, with specific focus on achieving compliance with UE and local regulations, civil rights and criminal matters. To read the other articles, click here!

Do you need to organize a training course for yourself or for your company? Consult the program of our GDPR and Data Protection Online Course and/or ask us for a free quote!


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