14 Free SEO Online Tools to get more traffic & ranking A review of 14 free SEO-related online tools that will greatly help your website to get more traffic, users and Search Engine Ranking

14 Free SEO Online Tools to get more traffic & ranking

No matter whatever kind of project you are planning to complete, whether anything related to online business or even basic home improvements, help from some smart tools can cover your services well and on time. It is amazing to see how a simple tool can prevent extra time from devoting to your project. Without any helpful tool, your work might extend to unwanted hours and hard work.

The same rule is applicable in the field of online marketing. How can you possibly work faster and rather smarter with SEO?

Well, the answer is finding the right tools for that! Once you have gained knowledge about the tools, ruling the SEO world won’t be a tough point.

Moz based Local Listing score

It is time to check how your local business can grow online. This particular tool helps in crunching data from around 15 sources to score your retail business and its online page. The results over here will come with actionable fixes for incomplete or inconsistent listings.

Google Analytics

For that complete search insights and web statistics, Google Analytics is the only name to cover. Apart from tracking multiple bits of traffic, this tool surfaces various keyword insights as people look for in your current landing pages.

Google PageSpeed Insights

For checking the usability and speed of your site on multiple devices, this smart and free Google SEO tool is all that you need. All you need to do is just enter URL and the tool will work its way to test your current loading time and performance for mobile and desktop. It helps in identify the opportunities for improvements.

This is a mobile result with user experience score, font sizes and some grading areas like tar targets.

Google and Bing Webmaster Tools

For constant repots on alerts, errors and website analysis, these webmaster tools from two famous search engines, Google and Bing, are just best. These tools will actually present you with a taste of what two major search engines think about your website. Such products are important to see alerts, bugs or even indexing issues. However, always remember that these tools require some time for installation.

In case you have a proper WordPress website, you can try adding code in an automatic manner through plugin like Yoast or Jetpack.

Google Keyword Planner

You have the liberty to enter only one keyword or a group of options into tool, and Google will provide all kinds of helpful statistics for  guiding you through best keyword strategy.

You will gain information on competition, monthly search volume, and even some of the suggested terms, which you haven’t considered before.


Unless you have proper keywords in your content, your SEO rank will never improve. For 700 keyword ideas and more, based on a single KW, this tool is perfect to help you out on that. All you need to do is just enter keyword.

Once done, this keyword centric tool will offer handful of some long-tail phrases and keyword opportunities, as organized in an alphabetic manner.

Open Site Explorer

For your comprehensive link analysis, Open Site Explorer is the tool to be used. Even the New York SEO companies love to work with such tools for helping out their clients in best way. There is a free version of this tool available to present quick look of wide ranges of link analysis.

This service include look at some of the impactful links coming your place and to some linked-to pages.

QuickSprout Website Analyzer

Want some tools to fully analyze your website to get what is wrong with it? For that help, the QuickSprout tool might be the one to look for. It provides a comprehensive analyzing at about everything. Speed, SEO optimization, keywords, tags, links, social and even comparison with your competitors; you just name it and the tool has it under control.

Neil Patel SEO Analyzer

This is a neat and free SEO Analysis tool: if you want more search traffic, all you have to do is follow this website's analysis report: it will point out all of the SEO errors you need to fix in order to increase your rankings.

Google.com using Incognito Mode

For discovering all kinds of auto-fill opportunities, focusing on Google.com using an incognito window can help bringing some all-familiar lists of the auto-fill options. Most of these options will help you by being your keyword research.

The incognito mode - aka incognito window - ensures that any form of customized based search data is left out when you signed out from the account. Incognito tab is useful for checking true ranks on results page for a certain period.

Google Trends

Thanks to this tool, you get the opportunity to change in search volumes for some key terms. A quick old search or browse through the present Google Trends can easily show you the rise of any potential SEO opportunities and terms for your content.

Schema Creator

The time has come when you can customize the way in which your current search results will appear. Here, you get the chance to create some custom codes that your events, reviews, organization and people will be displayed in the way you want it to on multiple search pages.

After you have created schema code, it is time to copy paste it to your current website. If you want, you can try out the free WordPress plugin for easier implementation around here.

SERPs Rank Checker

Under certain terms, you get to see your current site’s ranking. You can easily run Rank Checker in any one of the two ways. You have to input the current keyword and check where your website lands.

Or, you might choose to leave that website field blank to view the result lists for a keyword, from top to bottom.


Now you get the opportunity to view the statistics of the site for any domain. With the help of this tool, you get to compare traffic between two major websites. So, for your competitive research, this helpful tool is all that you need.


These significant and top-graded tools are what you need to make this SEO function a smoother and rich experience. Once you get yourself the right tools to get you some help, there is no need to look for another name in the list.

That's it for now: we sincerely hope that you (and your website) will be able to benefit from these tools!


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