Free and low-budget security tools against malware and cyber attacks A list of some great low budget security tools to secure your company or startup from malware, cyber attacks and other threats

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Cybersecurity is a priority for everyone today, without jokes. Whether you are a person, a startup, or an enterprise, everything from your websites to personal accounts is under the threat of malware and data theft constantly.

Today, the cybercrime economy has become $1.5 trillion per year large. This alone is enough to raise the red alarm across the world for safeguarding their data. And while it is easy for large enterprises and even individuals to take measures to secure their data, startups and small businesses are likely to delimit their cybersecurity requirements. It might be because of a lack of organization in their process, or because of budget limitations; the bottom line is that data security needs to be held paramount in startups as well.

If you have not yet invested in a security system for your company, here's a list of low budget security tools and frameworks that your company can deploy today.


ESET is one of the ideal tools for businesses that are still in their nascence because it covers all the bases of cybersecurity. It allows you to pick from its many security modules that work to protect your servers, computers, USB drives, mobile devices, and even networks.

Compatible with major operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows, ESET offers you customized solutions for building the best-suitable tool for your startup. You can also customize this solution based on your company’s service, product, related industry, and size of the company.

You can also pick the security services that you require, that includes, two-factor authentication, data file security, remote management, mobile security, email security, etc.


Cybrary is a free cybersecurity tool that teaches the safe practices of cybersecurity. There are three things that new entrepreneurs realize as soon as they enter the business world:

  • Training the employees in various skills is crucial for business growth and security
  • Specialized training costs a limb.
  • Creating one’s own eLearning courses is one of the best ways out but can be difficult when you don’t have enough resources.

However, in the case of Cybrary, training comes at no price at all: this tool offers training for IT and other cybersecurity professionals and can be availed from anywhere in the world. The courses that it offers include Development of IT security strategies, Managing a network infrastructure, Cloud computing, and Protecting data assets. In case you have an IT Security department that can create a course for your employees without relying on existing ones, you can also try one of the many eLearning authoring tools on a free trial available nowadays to create a personalized training course that suits your needs.


Soteria is a reputed brand for cybersecurity tools which offers selected security modules free cost for startups. These modules include compliance monitoring, reputation monitoring, detection and takedown of phishing activities, etc. So, not just you get free services for high-quality cybersecurity tools, but you can also test out their tools before you decide to buy solutions for other IT security requirements.


Comodo is a low-budget robust security tool that is near perfect for startups and small businesses. In fact, it is an award-winning solution which boasts about complete reliability with no compromises on features and quality.

It has low-budget modules offering an IT management platform, App- from malware, remote monitoring, and management, Service desk, packed in one solution. Comodo also offers many services for free, such as antivirus, firewall, internet security, POS security, mobile device management, etc. Although the basic versions of these services are free, you can buy add-on upgrades as well.


Hackers are on a roll around the world and data loss can be as costly for a startup as data is precious. However, putting the best practices in place and educating your people about cybersecurity is the only way to protect a business. We hope this list was helpful for you.

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