Facebook Retargeting Ads: all you need to know Everything you need to know about Facebook retargeting ads: a great way to retarget Facebook users and bring them back to your website

Facebook Retargeting Ads: all you need to know

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms out there, making the perfect opportunity for advertisers looking to reach consumers. However, to get the most out of Facebook, you’re going to have to properly reach your target consumers. You don’t even need to hire a Facebook Advertising Agency to get the full effect out of the social media platform, you just need to target the right individuals. One of the best ways to use Facebook is by using retargeting campaigns, allowing you to entice consumers who have already visited your website in the past.

So what exactly do you need to do to effectively retarget Facebook users and bring them back to your website? Here’s everything you need to know about Facebook retargeting ads.

Install Facebook Pixel

The first step of using Facebook retargeting ads is installing Facebook Pixel onto your website. Facebook Pixel allows you to track what actions users are taking on your website, providing you with the opportunity to make tailor-made ads. For example, you can target users who may have had an item in their cart but never purchased it, showing them an ad for their product on their Facebook page. Alternatively, you could take a user who completed a purchase on your website and show them another product that is usually cross-sold with the product the user purchased. Facebook Pixel allows you to target the correct people in your retargeting campaigns and ensure that your ads are being seen by the right users, making it critical for any Facebook retargeting campaign.

Create Your Retargeting Ads

Once you have Facebook Pixel installed, it's time to actually start creating the retargeting ads you’ll be using. For example, you’ll need to create compelling visuals and text for your ads to entice Facebook users to revisit your website and do business with you. In addition, you need to consider the purpose of your retargeting ads. Do you want your ads to just simply get the user to revisit your website and ensure that your brand stays fresh in their mind, or do you want the retargeting ad to actually lead to a conversion goal? Finally, you need to decide what your ad will do to actually get users to click on it. For example, are you going to entice them with a call to action that expires in a short amount of time? Are you going to offer a discount that is too good for the user to refuse? All of these features need to be considered when engaging in Facebook retargeting, as they are all critical to the success of your campaign.

Choose Retargeting Options

Lastly, you’re going to need to set the options for your retargeting campaign, dictating who sees your advertisements and when. For example, you'll have to choose what users see your ads and what triggers them. Do you want your ads to be shown to users who just simply visit your page, or do you want your retargeting ads to be shown to users who complete specific actions or purchases? Additionally, you need to choose the placement of your ads and where they’ll be seen. Do you want your ads to be banner ads along the side of someone’s timeline, or do you want them to be shown in between Facebook stories or videos?

Setup a budget

Lastly, you’ll need to assign a budget and schedule to your Retargeting campaign. How much money you spend on your campaign will play a big role, as it dictates how many people will see your retargeting ads and the frequency in which you see them. Choosing the correct options for your retargeting campaign is critical, so it's important that you spend time mulling the various options.


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