ERR_RESPONSE_HEADERS_MULTIPLE_CONTENT_DISPOSITION error in Chrome – How to fix How to address a nasty HTTP error that you could get in Google Chrome browser when you're handling files with commas in their filename

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Today we were called to fix a strange issue that was happening to one of our colleagues when trying to download a PDF file from one of our Document Management Systems. The error was related to a single file and sounded like this:

This page isn’t working


(the website) sent an invalid response.


That sounded quite strange, especially considering the fact that a lot of other files – same extension, same size and so on – was working fine.

We found the solution rather quickly by finding this StackOverflow thread, which luckily enough pointed us to the right direction. The issue was related to a single “comma” in the filename as defined in the Content-Definition header, which was programmatically defined in the back-end code:

It’s worth noting that, even if the mentioned SO topic was related to Django, it’s definitely an universal issue: we were getting it with ASP.NET C# as well.

Anyway, the proper solution was to encompass the filename with double quotes, thus avoiding HTTP header mismatches:


That’s pretty much about it. I hope that this quick fix will help those who’ll be stuck with this issue as well!


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