Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes 2019 to Avoid in 2020 Some of the biggest digital marketing mistakes in 2019 that you should completely avoid in 2020

Understanding the concept of Digital Marketing in the present day

Digital marketing comprises of social media, marketing automation, pay-per-click, search engine optimization and many more that has become a go-to strategy for businesses. The innovation of technology has led many consumers to spend a lot of their time using mobile phones to engage on social media, searching the web, and checking emails.

Digital marketing became a go-to strategy from small to large businesses because of its effectiveness in building trust, driving sales, and strengthening brand awareness. However, even if marketing online is one of the best ways to improve brand awareness, a lot of mistakes can be done easily, especially if you don’t know the basics.

Making simple mistakes in digital marketing can prevent your business from flourishing and can even stop you from being successful. Despite the size of the mistake your lead conversions, sales, and traffic generation can be significantly affected. Thus, here are the biggest digital marketing mistakes in 2019 that you should completely avoid in 2020.

Having No Clear Objective

One of the basic elements that should be included in the planning phase of your digital marketing strategy is to have a clear objective. Failure to set a clear objective and not defining the goals of your business can prolong your success by leading you in all types of directions.

Setting clear, measurable goals in your digital marketing strategy will allow your business to measure your progress and digital marketing success. Whether the goals are short or long term, it’s best that your business knows what they are in order for you to achieve that goal.

Otherwise, your strategies, services, objectives, and results will be all over the place, and that you may also never get the results you wanted. For instance, your company wants to increase lead conversions by this time next year. Or you could be more clear and specific with your objective and say you want to increase lead conversions by 25% and achieve it by September 2020.

The more clear and specific you are with your goals and objectives, the easier and more effective it is to measure the progress of your business. Being able to measure the progress of your business also allows you to have clearer results because you can come up with strategies and tactics along the way.

Not Knowing the Appropriate Target Audience

For your business to establish an effective digital marketing plan, you should first identify your target audience. The services your business will provide revolves around the demands of your target audience. Thus, it’s vital that you know your target audience as well as their interests, preferences, pain points, and the solutions they’re comfortable with.

Business tends to jump into providing their products and services to a variety of consumers without knowing who actually needs their products and services. It will be extremely challenging to attract customers if you won’t center your marketing strategies around their needs and wants.

Ignoring the Effectiveness of a Smart SEO Strategy

Many businesses don’t know about the rules that need to be followed when it comes to search engine optimization. A lot of businesses today still create duplicate content, target exact match search queries, and stuff keywords into their landing pages. However, Google algorithmic updates could affect your website with a Google Penalty.

Google penalties prevent businesses from capitalizing on black-hat SEO tactics to increase the traffic and lead conversions of their websites. If you want to boost the ranking of your websites, you’re going to have to put in a lot of effort such as optimizing your website for voice search.

The best way to increase the domain authority of your site and to decrease the bounce rate is to always provide new and quality content that your target audience will love. Keep in mind that you should never create content just to gain rankings in search engines. Do everything authentically with good quality and good results will come naturally.
Even the smallest factor can become the biggest mistake, especially in digital marketing. Businesses and marketers should always keep in mind that there is no shortcut to greatness, and there is always a step-by-step process to follow in order to gain success.

Setting a clear goal, knowing your target audience, and capitalizing on a smart SEO strategy will help you achieve the best results in traffic, lead conversions, user engagement, and sales in no time.


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