Tips For Getting Started With Your Web Development Project Some useful advices that might help you to succeed in planning, designing and building your next web development project

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Getting started on a web development project can be intimidating. A project includes several elements like scope definition, content creation, testing the site, and so on. Since there are enough places where one can go wrong, it is essential to be prepared in advance. Enlisted below are some important tips to help you get started with your project.

Set the expectations right

The success of the web development project highly depends on how one defines "success" for themselves. Your client's ability to articulate their needs is influenced by their understanding of the idea of owning a website. It can turn up drastically down the road if the client realizes mid-project that this is not what they were looking for.

Therefore, it becomes incredibly crucial to set the expectations right at the beginning. Through initial communications and discussions with the clients, prepare a proposal before actually getting started with the project.

Content comes first

No amount of beautification can be an alternative to a good content presentation. Always remember — content is king. It is the content that drives engagement, and engagement drives action. As a web developer, the worst decision you could take is to prioritize beauty above function.

Thus, always begin with the content that the client wants to showcase. Only after that look into designs that can resonate with the audience, complement the content, and make it more visible and attractive.

Make navigation simple

If a visitor is unable to navigate from point A to point B efficiently, then the website won't be able to fulfill its purpose. Therefore, for a web portal development, one needs an impeccable navigation design. You can start by laying out the steps required along the user's journey through the site. This will help you ensure that navigation helps them with this journey rather than making things harder.

Moreover, keeping the user at heart while designing will result in a better output. You can look for basic patterns of mobile navigation to optimize your website for mobile users as well.

Don't disregard typography

When you are in the trenches and thinking about the visual aspects of your project, it is easy to push typography at the backseat. It is often looked at as adding a font to an otherwise finished design. However, it is suggested to refrain from such a thought.

Today, most of the web designs rely heavily on typography, thus making it not just a design element but also design in itself. Another essential aspect to be careful of is that typography must work well with all devices.

Deliver in batches

Working on a design in solitude is never a good idea. If you believe that working on a design behind closed doors and only producing it before your clients once it is completely finished will fetch you a better result, you might be wrong.

Therefore, it is suggested to work in phases. Divide the project into two or three major parts, based on the complexity of the project. Also, deliver the work as per the set schedule. Ask for feedback every time you approach the client and adjust the remaining plan in accordance with it.


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  1. Alice, Amazingly Great job. These two points are well covered; ” Deliver in batches” and ” Set the expectations right”. Thanks for sharing this info. The best part is the article has all the practical detailing! Keep sharing

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