Cloud-Based vs VOIP Telephone System: What Should You Choose? A comparison between the two most used business technologies to handle telecommunications between business organizations

Cloud-Based vs VOIP Telephone System: What Should You Choose?

Regardless of the niche, a clear and well-established telephony service allows you to connect several operators at the same time, provide clear and high-quality communications, record, work through and improve sales and service scripts for warm, cold and hot traffic, etc.

There are many business organizations that remain in a dilemma when it comes to using Cloud-Based or VOIP Telephone System. The fact is that the advertising space is now so oversaturated with corporate slogans of varying degrees of banality that it is not easy to isolate really useful telephony service for business organizations. So, we will understand whether business organizations should use traditional analog telephony or a cloud-based phone system. Let’s mull now.

VOIP Telephone Networks Vs Cloud PBX

When faced with the question of office telephoning, most business organizations start with a regular analog PBX? Hardly any of them think of Cloud PBX. The equipment itself will cost you a hefty amount. Moreover, you still need to hire individual specialists for its maintenance.

The analog PBX has limited functionality and connecting a new employee or a multi-channel number to it is a marvelous technical adventure. If you intend to move your office to a new place, you will have to do it all over again, failing which you will not be able to keep the old phone numbers when moving. This may lead to the loss of customers and other inconveniences.

Mobility and Flexibility of Settings

You do not need to purchase expensive equipment to connect a virtual PBX. Furthermore, all maintenance work is technicians of the company. You can also do it yourself if you are well-acquainted with different technical terms associated with the virtual PBX. You can continue conversations through an IP phone or through an analog phone connected via an adapter, via a smartphone or even simply through a computer using a headset.

In simple words, through any device connected to the Internet with the ability to transmit voice. All this will work as your office number. You can easily. connect to your virtual PBX an unlimited number of subscribers, regardless of their actual location.

This is an impossible work in case you are using an analog connection. Always keep in mind that with the cloud PBX, you can change the location of the office while maintaining a fixed telephone number at all the times. You can’t maintain a certain contact number for the office in different cities or countries if you use the VOIP Telephone System.

Multi-channel Numbers and Other Advanced Functionality

The cloud-based telephony system is an obvious winner when it comes to Multi-channel Numbers and Other Advanced Functionality. A great advantage of the cloud PBX over analog is access to the full statistics and conversations. You need to hire a technician to access the statistics using analog networks.

Cost of Calls and Telephone Services

You must always keep in mind that the Virtual telephony rates are lower than those of analog and your PBX is generally free. This will help you to save a lot of money on long-distance calls and, especially, on International calls.

Mobile Communication vs Cloud PBX

Always remember that mobile communication is convenient when working with remote employees. Many operators provide favorable tariffs and solutions for calls abroad, and within the country, and calls within most networks are absolutely free or are charged minimal prices.

Almost all people use mobile communication for business purpose. The mobile phone is always with you and most mobile operators have convenient service centers and hotlines to support any issues or problems that often come up all of a sudden.

You must know that you bet on mobile communications for a business, each of your employees will have their own number. You cannot connect it to a single office number. Furthermore, you will not be able to make the number multichannel. It is important for a company to have a city number and place it on contact and advertising papers.

If you use cloud telephony, you can connect remote employees to this number. With a standard mobile connection, it will not be possible for you to connect to the city office number. Furthermore, it is always difficult to combine various functions for call processing with mobile communication, such as redirection, redistribution of calls to different employees, script voice recordings, etc.

The functions of IP telephony are easily accessible, configured or controlled by you or your employees. You can easily offer any convenient call script. Always keep in mind that Statistics and call recordings with the use of mobile communication are practically not available as with the use of analog telephony.

The actual cost of mobile communication depends on the tariff you choose, but on average mobile communication for a business is more expensive than virtual telephony. Also, calls within the cloud PBX for employees are absolutely free.

Final Words

So, you see the pros and cons of Cloud-Based and VOIP Telephone System. The simplicity of setting, advanced functionality and operational technical support makes cloud-based telephony a better option for business organizations by all parameters.


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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips with us. VOIP office phone system is easily accessible and help us to save a lot of money on long-distance calls .

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