What types of chatbots are there? With the right approach, chat bots can automate most business processes and make some tasks easier

What types of chatbots are there?

Did you know that chatbots can be used not only for communication but also for your business? With the right approach, they can automate most business processes and make some tasks easier.

What are chatbots?

Let's start with the fact that chatbots are special programs that imitate real communication with users. You can do this with messages, both audio and text. In addition, today there are a huge number of such tools that specialize in different things.

After such developments began to bring many benefits, more and more users became interested in chatbot development companies.

Key Benefits of Chatbots

As mentioned earlier, such bots can facilitate decision-making, automate most business processes, and solve a huge number of tasks. Among the main advantages are the following:

  • Customer support. Such bots help process customer requests, reducing the burden on technical support staff. In addition, they are able to significantly improve the quality of service due to instant responses.
  • Task automation. You can instruct the program to make a reservation or place an order and it will easily help with this.
  • Marketing and sales. If you are engaged in commercial activities, then such bots will help you promote products and services.
  • Entertainment. If you are bored and want to chat, then you can write to the chatbot. In addition, you can play a game with him, joke and much more.

Chatbots by type of interaction

As mentioned earlier, today there are a considerable number of different bots. Depending on your needs, you can choose one or another program. In addition, you can order the development of your unique product, which will perform all the necessary workflows.

Text chatbot

It includes elementary functions that limit interaction with users to the level of text messages. That is, it is intended for communication. You can ask him questions and get a little answer to them.

Dynamic chatbot

They simulate a more real interaction by combining text messaging with photos, videos, or GIFs through a previously selected platform. This chat will be more interesting than regular text chat.

Voice chatbot

Most likely, each of you definitely heard and interacted with Siri. Most voice chatbots are similar in function to Siri. You can communicate with them by voice without the need to write long text messages. This saves you time.

Bot location

In addition, you can classify such bots, depending on their placement. Let's consider more types of chatbots according to the channel they are integrated into.

Chatbot on the website

Perhaps the most famous. It offers 24/7 user assistance and is responsible for generating leads. Also applicable to e-commerce, to accompany the customer throughout the purchase process to make it easier and more convenient by improving the user experience.

Social media / IM chatbot

This may make a difference between the two, but basically, the goal is the same. Its purpose is to ensure user interaction and answer their questions at any time. It's about getting to where your potential customers are already, and avoiding waiting times.

Multichannel chatbot

Today there are chatbots that can be implemented in any channel. The important thing here is that the company knows how to tailor the need or purpose of the chatbot to the channel, as a bot that tries to capture leads is not the same as one that provides customer support.


As you can see, chatbots are very diverse. Someone answers in the application by voice, and someone is posted on the website and will correspond with you only by messages. If you want to use such development, then determine the processes that you want to automate and find the right software.

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