Is Bitcoin safe to purchase from any website via internet? Some useful suggestions to identify fake Bitcoin-selling websites and other cryptocurrency-related scam

Is Bitcoin safe to purchase from any website via internet?

An innovative payment network operating on peer-to-peer technology and free from control of any bank or centralized authority. Bitcoin is an open source and doesn’t include any third party for ongoing transactions. The money transfer using bitcoin is extremely safe as this payment network uses a private key which is known to the sender & recipient only.

Though Bitcoin is an open source which is available for every individual, most of the customers approach the vendors to purchase bitcoin through Internet. And the problem occurs here as any transactions made to buy bitcoin through an insecure website could be a potential threat to your confidential information. Hackers are very intelligent nowadays and are very much familiar to the process going on during transactions. There is flood of fake websites which has come into operation with the rise in crypto currencies. Dilemma for an internet user is how to trust a website they are dealing with.

Guide to Identify Fake Website

There are hundreds of new websites coming up every day by day, how do you make sure that the website you are trying to interact is a genuine. Google and along with entire browser community is on the motto to make this internet a safe place for all of us. Hence came the Google announcement for SSL Certificate in which Google elaborates their plan to highlight the website which are not secure for users. An insecure website is vulnerable to attack by hackers and other criminals and hence, potential threat to confidential data of customers making transactions using the same website. It is advisable for everyone to make online transactions through secured websites which includes giving confidential information like credit/debit card password, Bank account information, Medical history etc.

Simultaneously, one should be also aware about the other factors before indulging into bitcoin transactions. Not to mention the old school techniques like identifying website’s local offices addresses, communicating with the relevant teams and understanding their background with respect to the crypto world.

Note: This is a guide to help you identify genuineness of the website and not a recommendation to deal in crypto currencies.

Conclusion: Bitcoins (crypto currencies) are at very nascent stage and the rapid increase in price can lead to  jump in this bandwagon. One should always do the due diligence for the website that they are going to deal with.

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