Want to buy an SSL Certificate with Bitcoins? Now It Is Possible If you're looking for a way to purchase a SSL Certificate using Bitcoins, here's how you can do that

Is Bitcoin safe to purchase from any website via internet?

Bitcoin is a virtual cryptocurrency whose popularity has stunningly grown over the recent past. As of 10th December 2019, the number of bitcoins that were in circulation hit 17.3 million. This is according to statistics from Investopedia. Bitcoin remains the most widely used cryptocurrency in circulation today. It holds the purchasing value like that held by other physical currencies and physical goods. It can be used to buy goods and services from the growing number of merchants that now support bitcoins. One benefit that using bitcoins offers is its ability to facilitate transactions almost anywhere on the globe.

Want to buy an SSL Certificate with Bitcoins? Now It Is Possible

SSL certificate authorities that deal with the issuance of SSL certificates are slowly embracing the use of bitcoins. Today, a user can buy an SSL certificate using bitcoins. That is good news given that more and more people worldwide have resolved to use bitcoins to purchase goods. According to a report by Statista, there are currently over 42 million bitcoin wallets.

SSL Certificates and Bitcoins

The many cybersecurity risks that have been presented by the internet have made the internet a perilous place. Website owners and visitors are now doing all they can to ensure that their connection is secure. Security tools have come into play to try and make the internet safe. One perfect security tool that has proved to be effective is the SSL certificate. An SSL certificate is a crucial pillar in internet security. It offers the level of encryption required to protect the data that is travelling through the internet. It has proved to be an effective tool that can be used to protect websites and all the vital information that is held on the website. Such information may include important personal details, credit card information, debit card information, health records, and other financial information.

An SSL certificate will ensure data privacy and data integrity. What an SSL certificate does is to encrypt the data. Encrypted data goes through a coded format. A hacker or intruder who succeeds in intercepting the data will not be able to decipher the meaning of the data. As such, the hacker will not be able to alter or steal the information. Only the intended recipient who holds the key to open the information will be able to decipher the meaning of the information.

With the many benefits that come with having an SSL certificate, organizations around the globe are on the run to ensure that they have an SSL certificate to encrypt their information. Having bitcoins as a payment option is good news for those who need to purchase an SSL certificate using this payment mode. Let us now see how you can pay for your SSL certificate using bitcoins.

Three ways to pay for the SSL certificate Using Bitcoins


BitPay is one of the popular bitcoin payment processors. It is popular with ecommerce platforms such as Shopify. It will enable you to make seamless payments for your SSL certificate from anywhere around the world.


Coinbase is one of the largest bitcoin brokers which you can use to get an SSL certificate. It is a widely accepted bitcoin platform by renowned SSL brands such as ClickSSL. Using this platform, you can pay for your SSL certificate from anywhere.

Manual acceptance of payments

Well, why rely on third-party platforms to pay for your SSL certificate using bitcoins when you can create a bitcoin address of yourself for the SSL certificate purchase you want to make?

Benefits of Buying an SSL certificate using Bitcoins

Low transaction costs for International Payments

Buying an SSL certificate using electronic transfers and foreign purchases usually involve huge exchange costs and transaction fees. Usually, such payment modes will involve a lot of intermediaries and government interventions wanting to charge taxes. With bitcoins, there is no such thing as intermediary institutions or government interventions. As such, the costs involved in purchasing an SSL certificate using bitcoins is comparatively lower than using other modes of payments.

Quick Mobile Payments

Just like any form of online payments, using bitcoins do not require you to travel to the bank. All you require is a mobile device and an internet connection, and you will be able to pay for the SSL certificate. Paying for an SSL certificate using bitcoins also happens within seconds and thus eliminates the delays caused by authorization requirements and wait periods.

Bitcoin has a Peer to Peer Focus

When paying for an SSL certificate using bitcoin, you will be able to send the payment to any certificate authority issuing the certificate across the globe without requiring the approval to make the payment from any external authority.

Bitcoin payment is less associated with personal identity

The process of buying an SSL certificate using bitcoins is a discrete one. This means that your purchase will never be associated with your identity unless you decide to publish the transaction. The purchase will not be easily traced back to you. Bitcoin purchases will involve an anonymous address that changes with every transaction. Well, this does not mean that bitcoin transactions cannot be traced. They just do not get associated with your identity or your financial information. Buying an SSL certificate using bitcoins will make you enjoy such kind of anonymity.

Bitcoins are internationally accepted

The bitcoin payment option will allow you to buy an SSL certificate from a certificate issuer located anywhere across the globe. All you need is an internet connection, and you will have your SSL certificate.


The internet has become a very insecure place. Hackers are all over, roaming and trying to find loopholes, and vulnerabilities that can easily grant them access to make them commit those data breaches. Today, data security is essential. One perfect tool that has proved to be of great essence in securing and encrypting data is the SSL certificate. All website owners who care about their websites' security and all that it holds need to buy an SSL certificate.

Different payment options have been presented to those who wish to purchase SSL certificates. One perfect payment option that has made it easier for users to buy an SSL certificate using bitcoins. Bitcoins have brought in many benefits to those purchasing an SSL certificate. You will not incur those huge transaction costs as in the case of electronic or bank transactions. You should perhaps try out this new method the next time you buy an SSL certificate and reap big from the benefits that it brings forth.


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