Advantages of Using Video Editing Software for Marketing
PDFelement 7 - Create, edit and convert PDF files - Review

PDFelement 7 – Create, edit and convert PDF files – Review Our review and test drive of PDFelement 7, a cost-effective tool to create, edit, convert and sign PDF documents on Windows and Mac

In this post we’ll review PDFelement 7, a new desktop software for creating, editing and/or convert PDF files available for Windows and Mac. As always, we’ll try to bring everything …

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How to cache your website using NGINX and FastCGI in CentOS 7 with PHP FastCGI Process Manager PHP-FPM

NGINX – Access-Control-Allow-Origin – CORS policy settings How to properly set the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header to NGINX to allow Cross Request Resource Sharing for all (or specific) sites

Those who often read this blog already know that we’re deeply in love with NGINX, a lightweight, high-performance and open-source web server and reverse proxy used by more than 358 …

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Microsoft Teams - How to change a Guest User Display Name
Outlook: "Un programma sta tentando di..." - come risolvere