Why Video and HTML5 Animations are so important in Web Design nowadays? A market analysis of the raising importance of Video and Animation in Web Design, which in 2018 are starting to be a required feature

Why Video and HTML5 Animations are so important in Web Design nowadays?

We are always impressed with a good design of a website. We are stunned to see the animations go on when we visit a page. Some web designers know how to alter our minds and capture our attention. Recently, a new trend of animation was born. Web designers create animations on websites and make us live their web-page idea with great visuals. They help the websites stand out from the rest. They create something new, apart from old and boring designs. New web designers are following the idea and learning more. There’s a huge material on the internet to see how great an animated website could be. You can go through the best animated websites list, and get inspired to create something similar for your small business.

Remember, a great design is not something you should spend a fortune on. You can find affordable solutions too. A lot of companies, including Salterra Affordable Web Design Company (disclaimer: I’m currently working there) has a lot to offer you. You can get a consultation, detailed description of their services and many more.

Now, read about why you should use animation in your web design.

It’s trendy

Animations are trendy and user-friendly. Animated websites are seen as more professional. From the reviews and customers feedbacks, we know that they like animations and think that they were created by a serious professional company.

Everyone’s doing it

The animation in web design is a trend of 2017, and it’s still growing in 2018. Everyone is transforming their websites. New businesses try to create something similar to modern websites.

It’s important to follow the changes and trending features. With more than 1.5 billion websites all over the web, it’s hard to stand out. You will need something attractive and engaging.

It’s user-friendly

Animations are engaging. Especially when they are small and simple. It’s easy to capture the visitor’s attention. You are giving a customer a possibility to have a great experience. You pull them into the design. But be careful, mixing up too many different effects can be tiring and chaotic.

It makes the website look more realistic

Today we have simple 2D, flat and minimalistic designs. Every photo, every picture, homepage design is flat. Users need something that is closer to reality. Moving pictures creates an impression of reality. A simple moving picture can give proper directions to the visitor.

It’s a great communication tool

We create websites to deliver the message to the visitor. Mainly, we deliver the message via content. But visuals are also essential. A plain, flat picture is not the best way to deliver the message.

Animation, on the other hand, could guide the visitor on how to use the website. It can describe the services in 3-4 seconds.


A good animation will make the user’s experience complete. You can use the animation to make the experience fun and engaging. Or you can use it to guide the customer easier. That’s what a professional web design company can do for you.


Why Video and HTML5 Animations are so important in Web Design nowadays?

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