AngularJS Vs. ReactJS - A Comparative Study

AngularJS Vs. ReactJS - A Comparative Study

The new Angular framework, recently updated to its 5th release, is a kind of development environment whereas ReactJS is more of a Java Script library; and they both are efficient tools for interactive front end development. In the ear of tight deadlines, making a right choice about the most suitable technology framework for your application development requires a detailed comparative study of both technologies.

The Angular Factor

The significant modifications and enhancements have eliminated major shortcomings of Angular 2 that developers used to complaint about. Hence, compilation issues, complexity of some code structures etc. are history now for AngularJS Web Application Development process.

Less Code: It is believed that Angular 4 generates 25% lesser code than Angular 2 and reduces the size of application. Comparing with other technologies as well, it can be said that Angular 4 generates less code. Moreover, separate core package for animation makes the application remarkably compact if it doesn’t use animation

Two way data binding: This characteristic of Angular makes it much convenient for developers to handle both web app and AngularJS Mobile Development task smartly. If changes are made with data, they will immediately get reflected in the basic user interface model. Manual binding of individual elements gets minimized leading to fewer possibilities of errors in the code.

Model, View, and ViewModel architecture: MVVM architecture of Angular separates application logic from its presentation. It makes Angular 4 Development more of a tactical affair.

Documentation: Detailed documentation is one of the most admired aspects of Angular. It makes the learning process comparatively easy.

Several other attributes such as compatibility with TypeScript 2.1 and 2.2 as well as accelerated process compilation also attract developers to focus more on Angular.

When to opt for Angular: AngularJS development is widely suitable for applications such as video streaming apps, applications with Location Integration needs and ecommerce as well as m-commerce applications.

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The ReactJS Factor

ReactJS on the other hand has transpired as one of the most preferable frameworks for startup implementation due to its impressive competence along with cost effectiveness. Developers opt for it over AngularJS Web Development for several reasons such as:

Virtual DOM: The lightweight copy of a complete DOM tree, Virtaul DOM makes ReactJS much faster. The changes occurred by renderings first get introduced into Virtual DOM and simply appear on user device screen before they take place in actual DOM.

Versatile tools to create custom User Interface: From Material-U to React-Bootstrap to React Toolbox you have lot many choices for custom UI creation.

Code flexibility: React can be considered as more of a presentation library that enables you to focus more on the optimum usage of callback functions and templates. Hence, developers have a space to explore and demonstrate their own creativity. Excessive resilience for integration with third-party is another advantage.  Here you have more flexibility than Web Application Development with AngularJS.

Other features: reusable components, SEO friendly nature and easy debugging are several other benefits of ReactJS development.

When to opt for ReactJS: For large sized web application with huge possibilities of frequent changes in data such as social media apps and collaboration platforms. When heavy data display is required in a quick manner, ReactJS can be proved a wise choice.

AngularJS Vs. ReactJS - A Comparative Study


AngularJS Development and React JS both have their own strengths to offer you a modern day technology tool for the development of dynamic web-based applications. They both have earned rapid popularities. Based on specific needs of the proposed project, you can make your decision.


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