7 Android apps that will help you to develop Creative Thinking Some innovative apps that can empower your thoughts: SimpleMind, Behance, Blek, My Creative Diary, and more

7 Android apps that will help you to develop Creative Thinking

A mental block is a common experience that can happen to anyone. Most times, the solution to a problem may seem far-fetch, and getting started on a project might seem impossible. During such times, all you need is to become a bit more creative and think your way out of the situation. But that might be impossible if you don’t know what to do. There are mind-blowing apps that can boost creativity. Life can get more interesting when you can solve complex problems and think your way through difficulties. Your smartphone can help you. There are hundreds of Android apps that can help you keep your creativity at the top.

You can resolve to use these apps whenever you feel, or use as a daily dose of inspiration. Here are the best Android apps that can help you develop creative thinking anytime.

SimpleMind Lite

Have you ever had an idea that leaves your head the minute you stand up to get a pen and paper? It’s not abnormal and can happen to anyone. SimpleMind Lite is the basic free version of the Mind-Mapping organizer developed for Android. It’s useful for all kind of writing purposes. Users can use it to jot down ideas for an essay, dissertation work, or research. It’s also helpful for jotting ideas and inspirational thoughts that come to your mind about various concepts such as writing essays, summaries (i.e. a rose for Emily summary) and the likes. It’s a great mind mapping tool for workers and researchers.


This app has several projects on the artwork, typography, fashion, photography, and more. It’s a great source of inspiration, especially to illustrators and designers. There are millions of projects to be explored and designs to guide you as you commence your project - one of the best boost app out there.


Whenever your mind feels clouded, and you feel you need some break, Blek can come to your rescue. It’s a great way to kickstart and give your creative mind a boost. It’s a fair game that resembles art, and it works by creating a line for the collection of all colored circles, but it avoids black holes on its way. This process can flare up your mind as it allows you to imagine various scenarios and think out of the box.

My Creative Diary

With this app on your Android device, you can save your favorite, text, pictures, emojis, clip art, sketches, and drawings. A useful tool for writers for summary writing, designers for sketching and architects for drawing as well as anyone who may need to creatively handle projects that involve lots of fact-finding process and research.

Monument Valley

This is a great thinking app for artists, designers, and visual thinkers. Monument Valley is an android game that you can’t miss for anything. It helps you to develop a strong critical thinking ability.


This is one of the best apps for creativity that creates a spark for inspiration. Most times, all you need is a bit of randomness to create the right ideas. It provides exercises that stretch your creative mindset. It consists of 200 cards that have some words and phrases that are thought-provoking and mind-blowing. A new card pops up each time you shake your device as it re-arranges and re-shuffle. Meditating on the words written on the cards can broaden your imaginative mindset and help you think more creatively.


Are you feeling stuck on a project without knowing the next step to take? Unstuck is one of the best apps that clears off the creative block - thereby giving you a feeling of a refreshed mindset. It contains vital tips and tools you can use to overcome the feeling of an inspirational block.

You don’t need to struggle to remember anything, whether at home or in the workplace. In a digital-paced world, whether you’re a writer, artist or designer, it’s only wise to make the most of your profession. But you need to be extremely creative, and most times, our creative mind fail us. We just can’t remember ideas that came to our head the last hour. Hence, the need to boost it up using the apps suggested here. Make the most of them and exercise your mind.










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