Best WordPress Plugins to Compress Images, JS and CSS An updated list of compression-bases plugins that will make your WordPress website load quicker

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Maintaining a WordPress website is a tough task in itself let apart the confusion of choosing which plug-ins to use for a hassle free and optimum experience. Since it was officially confirmed that Google calculates the loading speed of a page to assess ranking, all you wanted was to rank better and try to direct as much traffic to your website as possible, right? The point being, speed is not essential only for search engines but it is necessary for a better user experience as well. Reducing your website’s loading time ensures a better experience for your website’s visitors. For the users of WordPress, adjusting the time reducing factors for your website’s loading duration doesn’t exactly require you to be technologically sound like a professional. The adjustments needed for your website can be made quite easily with the installation of the plug-in that is best suited to your requirements.

As you might already know, the most wide-spread process to make your website load quicker is by compressing the Images, CSS and JavaScript on your website. There are various plug-INS that will help you in getting through the processes with ease, but here we are going to discuss the top 8 compression plug-ins available in the WordPress library.

The list of Plugins is as follows.

JCH Optimize

This plug-in accelerates your WordPress website instantly. It sets you up with all the side optimizations you wish to cut back your website loading speed. The core feature of this plug-in is to mechanically mix JavaScript and CSS files in order to cut back the quantity of protocol requests the browser creates for your website to download. Also, you'll be able to alter the markup language output for optimized transfer. These optimizations scale back server load, information measure needs, and loading time for pages.

Major options:

  • Combine and alter CSS & JavaScript files
  • Minification of HTML
  • create the sprite to mix background pictures
  • capability to leave out files from mingling to resolve variance

This plug-in has been tested and tried to figure during a framework created inside the community of Joomla!

WordPress Library rating: 4.3/5


This plug-in makes optimizing your website very easy. It minifies cache scripts and designs, injects CSS to the page head by default. Autoptimize will even move and defer scripts to the footer. It additionally minifies the markup language code mechanically, that makes your website extremely light-weight, thence rising the load time. Aside from the automated functions, Autoptimize has advanced choices and an intensive API that permits you to tune the plug-in to each and every site’s specific desires.

WordPress Library rating: 4.6/5

WP Minify

This plug-in injects the minify engine directly into your WordPress website. Once enabled, this plug-in works to mix and compress JS and CSS files to enhance page load time.


  • Easy to integrate into your WordPress website.
  • Minifies JS, CSS, and HTML.
  • Debug tools to assist you to rectify your problems.
  • Ability to incorporate additional JS and CSS files for Minifying.
  • Ability to exclude bound JS and CSS files for Minifying.
  • Minified JS and CSS files are placed according to your requirements.
  • Supports caching to minify external files
  • Ability to receive additional arguments in Minify engine.

WordPress Library Rating: 4/5

WP Smush

WP Smush could be a problem free and straightforward plug-in that's accustomed to compress JPEG, GIF and PNG pictures on its own server. WP Smush strips the Meta information from your JPEG pictures, however, has the choices of saving the EXIF information.

This plug-in can be pre-set to mechanically optimize pictures as soon as they're uploaded to your website. If you wish, you'll be able to additionally optimize every image one by one from the Media Library. Then choose the Smush possibility within the Attachment Details window. You’ll be able to add size the image in line with your need by the setting the peak and breadth settings for the image. You’ll be able to add size it by lowering the image. During this entire method, the first pictures stay dateless. Solely the version of the image that WordPress uploads is resized and optimized.

WordPress Library Rating: 4.8/5


Insanity optimizes large pictures by finding a size that’s larger than necessary for typical website use, however still manages to suit within the browser. You’ll be able to set the peak, breadth, and quality of the image. Once any contributor uploads a picture that’s larger than these dimensions, it’ll mechanically be resized.

This plug-in resizes all antecedent uploaded pictures to release space. The plug-in helps if your website has multiple contributors United Nations agency don't seem to be too keen on resizing every image. With this plug-in, you'll be able to additionally favor to convert BMP files to JPG before resizing.

WordPress Library Rating: 4.9/5

Short Pixel Image Optimizer

Once put in and tweaked settings, this plug-in ensure that every one JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP and PDF pictures are mechanically optimized. However, the plug-in will permit the user to show off automatic optimization once not needed. Conversion of JPEG, PNG, and GIF to WebP is additionally doable victimization this plug-in. The plug-in provides compatibility with WP membrane 2x that permits the plug-in to compress membrane pictures yet.

A bulk optimization tool helps to compress all existing pictures with one click. Besides pressure pictures that reside within the media library, the plug-in additionally compresses pictures from galleries else via FTPs. It mechanically saves a backup of each image you transfer to a replacement folder.

WordPress Library Rating: 4.7/5

Imagify Image Optimizer

Imagify is a web service that accelerates websites by mechanically optimizing pictures. The majority optimizing feature makes certain that everyone you wish could be a single click to optimize your pictures. You’re not needed to size your pictures before uploading them because the plug-in handles resizing yet. 3 levels of compression are doable, with variable levels of loss in image quality. The conventional compression uses a lossless methodology, thus there’s no loss in quality. The Aggressive and extremist mode compresses the image a good deal, thence there’ll be a discount within the quality of pictures. The plug-in is set to remove EXIF information by default however it can be modified according to your desire. As all the photographs are secured, you'll be able to forever revert to the first pictures whenever you wish.

WordPress Library Rating: 4.7/5


Optimus is used to cut back the file size of media files instantaneously. Varying on the image and format, up to the seventieth reduction in size is feasible. Multiple kilobytes of data are often saved per image. These savings affects the performance of your website positively. The biggest asset of this plug-in is that the standard of the image is preserved even after compression.

There are 3 totally different versions of Optimus available for use:

  • Optimus (Free) as base version with limitations (e.g. max of 100kb)
  • Optimus HQ (Premium) with improved functionality for private projects
  • Optimus HQ pro (Premium) as a worthy answer for your websites

WordPress Library Rating: 4.2/5


We feel that these WordPress plug-ins will be a great advantage to our website as not only will it help us gain a better rank on the search engine list but also provide a better and vivid user experience to all the visitors on our website and provide a rise in the daily traffic on our website.

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