7 Innovative Purposes of Video Production To Generate Leads Should you still use videos to attract more customers in 2020? Yes, you should!

7 Innovative Purposes of Video Production To Generate Leads

The twentieth century is known for the surge of technological advancements including appliances, vehicles, computers, rockets, and more. Another big step for humankind was to find a way to bring people together even if you’re from the opposite side of the world. You got it: it’s the internet! The internet can connect thousands of people at the same time as long as they’re online.

According to Statista, there are now over 2.7 billion active users of Facebook in the second quarter of 2020. With that many people on Facebook alone, wouldn’t it be a good idea to market your products and services on such platforms? Once you think about it, how exactly would you convince 2.7 billion users to buy your products or avail your services if there are thousands of other competitors out there?

Well, the secret is simple: Employ a great marketing strategy to generate leads.

The question now is this: what is an efficient and cost-effective way for you to generate leads? The answer to that is by using videos. More specifically, the use of video production. Let’s explain more about why you should use videos to attract more customers below.

7 Innovative Purposes of Video Production To Generate Leads

1.    Videos are more attractive

When you use videos to generate more leads, it looks a lot more attractive than compared to still images like banners or posters. Depending on the kind of tone you want to express throughout your video, you can decide if your video should be comedic, educational, inspiring, or formal.

Videos attract leads because they are fascinating and also share a bit about you, your company, or your products and services. You can create informational videos, trailers, commercials, or product review videos.

You can even choose what kind of video to make, using styles like live-action or animation. For your business, an explainer video usually works best to generate more leads.

2.    Share more info at a limited time

Videos allow you to compress selected information into 3-5 minutes. You can make longer videos if you have the need to share more information, but for effective lead generation they must not have irrelevant details that might distract your viewers from your main goal which is to talk more about your company, products, or services.

For example: If your line of business is selling beauty products, your videos want to share the benefits of what your products have to offer. The video can be in the form of a preppy advertisement that ticks off all the advantages of your products like vegan-friendly, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, removes blemishes, and more.

You may also create a short introductory video (or explainer video) about your company itself, especially if you have certain advocacies like Child Education, Cyberbullying, Gender Equality, and others.

3.    Cost efficient

Making a video can either be free or not. If you think you have some videography skills, your cellphone camera and a video editing software is all you need to create a video. You may also hire professionals to do the job for you.

One video is enough for you to share on social media platforms. The next thing to worry about is marketing that video. However, you can keep reusing your videos on whatever platform you choose to market it on.

4.    Less of a hassle to make

Since you can use your phone and laptop to create your own videos, you can make a number of them if you dedicate time for it. People would rather watch a short video than read an article. If you have content to share, it’s wiser for you to compress it into a video.

However, that shouldn’t stop you from creating more content like blog articles if you wish to as long as you share it on your social media platforms.

5.    Easy to market

Videos are a lot easier to market. The three main social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) all allow businesses to run video ads. With their tools like Facebook and Instagram ads, you can reach more people with ease and hopefully convert leads into sales.

People are more susceptible to watching a video than reading a lengthy article. If your main marketing strategy relies on videos, then you should dedicate your time to making each video better and better.

6.    Customizable

There are literally a thousand ways for you to share content and information using videos. The style alone will determine whether your video is effective in generating leads. Choosing the right video style is therefore a big decision before making your video.

Sometimes, whether you have the best content or not, if viewers don’t think your video is impactful then it won’t reach that many people in your target market.

7.    Adds excitement to your product

In the previous points, we discussed the importance of tone, style, and overall impact of a video. No matter what the contents of the video, it should still be impactful enough that the viewer will be convinced to buy from your website.

If you think that you lack pizzazz, you should consider hiring a video editor for your marketing team who will be in charge of your product advertising needs.

Even if a website visitor just signs up for your site, they are still considered leads that you can eventually convert into a sale with the right marketing strategy.

7 Innovative Purposes of Video Production To Generate Leads


Let’s face it: videos are everywhere on the internet. Whether you’re scrolling through social media on your phone or reading a news article online, you can see videos popping up or playing. As a business owner you should take advantage of the number of people who are online and might run into your video advertisement.

This is why you should highly consider creating videos to generate leads - and, by using the right marketing strategy, eventually convert those leads to sales!

7 Innovative Purposes of Video Production To Generate Leads

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