These 4 Video Marketing Trends will Take 2021 By Storm According to SmartInsights, videos contributed 63% of mobile traffic: this number is expected to hit 76% by 2025. How to take advantage of it?

These 4 Video Marketing Trends will Take 2021 By Storm

People are increasingly switching to videos to consume information and gain knowledge. In fact, 2020 saw the introduction of shoppable videos that directly take the viewer to the checkout page. With so many advancements in video creations, we have compiled four video trends that can amp up your Digital Marketing efforts. 

Training Videos

The COVID pandemic has forced the world to stay indoors. People have no option but to spend more time on the internet. This has also allowed marketers to tap their target audience using video ads. The result: from social media to website, you will be bombarded with ads trying to sell you products or services. People have gotten so used to watching these ads that most of them close them as soon as someone starts doing a sales pitch in the video. 

So, what's the way out? Online marketing specialists suggest creating informational or training videos that provide value to the viewers. These videos have received a great response from viewers in 2020, and they will work perfectly in 2021 as well. This is because they provide value in exchange for the viewer's time, which is a two-way process. 

Videos on Mobile

According to Insivia, the consumption of mobile videos grows by 100% every year. Another interesting fact states that people are more likely to watch videos on mobile than on desktops or laptops. Google predicted the same in 2016 before rolling out its mobile-oriented algorithm - Mobilegeddon. Moreover, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have rolled out new updates, allowing videos of all sizes and duration to be uploaded. 

With big brands like Google and Facebook emphasizing so much on video, this clearly indicates the popularity of mobile videos among people. As a marketer, keep this point in mind before drafting your business' Digital Marketing strategy. 

A few popular mobile videos you can focus on:

  • Going live: Engage with your followers on social media in real-time.
  • QnA videos: Answer the queries of your followers.
  • Explainer videos: Create engaging and crisp animated videos that include storytelling to convince the viewer how your product/service can make their life better. 


Gone are the days when a clichéd and well-polished video used to do the job for you. Consumers these days care less about your brand and more about what created it in the first place. Humanizing your brand is the way to go. Show people behind the scenes how the process works in your company. 

The struggles and stories of people associated with your company tend to attach an emotional string with the customers that stays with them. Though informational and educational videos work, nothing beats a video that tells the customers how a brand did it. Samsung and Google understand this; no wonder why their story-videos garnered international appreciation and accolades. 

The best part about storytelling or 'behind the scenes' videos is that they take less effort and create a big impact. However, make sure that your story resonates with your products or services and seems natural.

Live Videos

Trust and relationship are the two biggest factors in increasing a company's sales. The best way to do it online is by interacting directly with your customers. Doing frequent Q&A live videos and webinars builds a relationship and establishes trust with your customers. The more they trust you, the more they will transact with you. 

Moreover, social media platforms will reward you with increased account reach if you leverage live videos on the platforms. Real-time engagement is the key to create a loyal customer base and brand recall in 2021, something you should keep in mind. 

Final Word

The trend of information consumption is shifting from text and images to videos. Moreover, videos appeal better to your target audience and effectively establish trust compared to other content forms. Keep these trends in mind and make sure that you craft a video-inclined Digital Marketing strategy in 2021 to win over your audience’s heart.


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