Search Engine Statistics, Facts, and Trends for 2019 An in-depth analysis regarding search engines in 2019 with their most distinctive features and goals: Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and more.

Search Engine Statistics, Facts, and Trends for 2019

Life seems almost immobile until we use Google regularly in our lives. We have become highly dependent on Google to solve even the smallest of our problems. And Google, never once, disappoints us. From calculating the smallest of equations to providing thorough analysis on research topics, Google is the prime resource we all turn to.

There are a lot of other search engines in the world of connectivity as well such as Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and many more. They provide us with comfort when we are unable to find solutions to our problems. Today, we will be discussing a few of the facts and trends regarding search engines in 2019.

1. User Searches

As discussed, a single day does not go by when we do not need a search engine. People use them for all sorts of queries during their day. And this number is increasing on a regular basis. Research shows the average number of searches that search engine gets during the day.

  • Google: 4,464,000,000
  • Bing: 873,964,000
  • Baidu: 583,520,803
  • Yahoo: 536,101,505
  • DuckDuckGo: 38,220,825

These stats show how much people use the internet service to answer their day to day questions. With Google leading, others are not that far behind.

2. Global Usage

The overall number of online users throughout the globe is effectively not that small either. Right now, there are more than 3 billion users of the internet. This shows that actually 55.1% of global population has access to the internet.

Let us show you how much users employ search engines to address their issues and concerns.

With Google leading the way at more than 92%, others still have a long way to go.

Search Engine Statistics, Facts, and Trends for 2019

Credits: StatCounter

3. Region

According to research in July 2019, we see that most of the users of high-speed internet are from the region of East Asia. Given the population and size of this region, this is not that astounding to know either. We have shown a brief chart of the statistics regarding which area uses the internet the most.

Search Engine Statistics, Facts, and Trends for 2019

Credits: Statista

4. Annual Searches

The number of searches grows each year. This year it has reached a whopping 2 trillion searches. The word “trillion” alone makes you want to question yourself about how much you use the internet.

5. Fastest Speed According to Countries

Everyone is fascinated with high-speed internet. Users all over the globe wish and try to acquire the fastest internet service they can get their hands on. NO one likes laggy games or buffering videos or even slow loading pages. We can show you a few internet stats  of the top countries with the fastest internet speed.

Search Engine Statistics, Facts, and Trends for 2019

Credits: CEOWorld

As you can see, Singapore has the fastest internet speed all around the globe with a whopping 60.39 Mbps, which is amazing. There are various companies that are able to provide such services in the US such as Windstream service and many more.

6. Slowest Internet Speeds According to Country

Now that we all know the fastest internet speeds in the world, let us look at the slowest as well. These are the countries that, unfortunately, have to face the troubles of lag, buffering and slow download speeds.

Search Engine Statistics, Facts, and Trends for 2019

Credits: CEOWorld

As you can see, even the country on position 10th has the maximum possible speed of only 1.13 Mbps, which is pretty sad.

7. How Many Websites Are There?

In this era, you can find websites on almost any possible topic there is. From entertainment to education you can literally find websites on anything. Currently, there are over 1.94 billion websites in the world.

8. Market Share

Right now the Google search engine has captured more than 50% of the market as a whole.

You may also see the statistics below.

  • Google: 53%
  • Yahoo!: 7%
  • Bing: 1%
  • Others: 39%

9. Mobile Users

As of 2018, 97% of people use their smartphones to access the internet. This shows how much people prefer using mobile devices rather than a PC. Smartphones are faster and easier to access, hence, people prefer them sometimes over desktops.

10. Ranking Algorithms

There are a lot of new websites going live each day. More and more people are turning to web solutions to promote their products and services. Some people use ethical methods to promote their products while others, not so much.

To prevent such things from happening, search engines update their ranking formulae to promote ethical means of ranking for websites. They do this to ensure that only quality and relevant content gets ranked on search engine results.

11. Top 3 Ranking Factors

Everyone is in the race to get ranked at the top position in search engine results. For this they opt for various methods and techniques to get the best results possible. We are mentioning the top three ranking factors that every search engine considers when analyzing.


  • Link: Linking has always been a necessary part of ranking. A site must have an appropriate amount of links in all the right places to get good ranking.
  • Content: If you are providing good quality links but do not have good quality material then it really would not matter. A site must have relevant and high quality content in order to achieve good ranking.
  • Strategy: Every company has its own strategy to rank. Just like it, Google has its own unique strategy considering different factors when figuring out the rankings.


  • Anchor: Bing gives high importance to anchor texts while ranking. But you have to anchor the exact term while linking it. Otherwise you will not get the ranking you want.
  • Authorship: Bing lets you own the content when someone else uses it in their blog. The higher amount of content you own, the better your ranking
  • Links: Linking has still one of the main features that help in deciding the rank. Your site must have good backlinking in order to get great ranking.


  • User Experience: User experience is always the final priority. DuckDuckGo sets it to be one of the major factors while considering the rank of a website. What sort of answers are present, the content, navigation, and all these help in determining the user experience.
  • Links: DuckDuckGo gives importance to the internal linking of the sites as well. Your website should have good quality linking, internal and external.
  • Semantic Search: It also gives importance to the website’s semantics as well. It is a major ranking factor.

12. Different Formulae

Even though the goal of all search engines is to promote quality and relevant content, all of them use different formulae to calculate the results. Each of them have their own unique methods that help them achieve the desired results. You may even find different results for the same keywords, depending on the engine.

Search Engine Statistics, Facts, and Trends for 2019

Credits: Google

13. How to Gain Fast Traffic?

Even though a lot of people try to sneak their way in to achieve higher ranking using black hat SEO tricks, search engine developers are aware of it. They are constantly updating their algorithms. People think they can outsmart them and get results, but the truth is that they might get results on short-term basis. In the long run, it will be harmful for them.

14. Blacklisting

People think they can get by with anything on the internet. The fact is that search engines do blacklist sites that they consider spam or in violation of their conditions. So if you want your site to soar high in the world of internet, then you need to be cautious of the conditions and consequences of unethical ways.

15. Search Engine Advice

You can also use the advice from search engine to optimize your site ethically. Engines like Google have the feature of “advice” to help people avoid unethical ways of promoting their sites. If you seek help from them then there is less chance of your site getting blacklisted.

Google has launched the feature of Google Advice which is bigger than the last 5 years’ updates all together.

16. Description

You have to be thorough when reading the conditions of marketing and promoting your sites. Search engines are regularly updating and making the conditions more descriptive as they move along. It is recommended that people follow them completely to avoid any confusions in the future.

17. Individual Ranking

Most people think that search engines rank whole websites at a time, when the truth is that each webpage is ranked individually. It is possible that one of the pages on your site gets good ranking while the other does not. It is all dependent on how you optimize each page individually and how you try to promote each of them.

18. Traffic Tracking

Every search engine has its own way of tracking traffic to a certain site. If a person wants to rank his site on all possible sites then he/she has to follow the criteria provided by each and every one of them separately. Then and only then can one hope to achieve the desired ranking. If not followed individually, one may rank good on a specific engine while not on others.

19. Mobile-First Indexing

This year, Google has prioritized the mobile versions of websites for ranking determination known as Mobile-first Indexing. This means that your mobile version of pages will be the primary versions for determining your ranking. No more delaying the optimization of your mobile pages. You better get to work.

If you need to stay in the game you have to update yourself with this philosophy as this is the reality now. Google has even started to move sites to the mobile-first indexing method.

20. Page Speed

Page load speed has always been an area of concern for search engines, users and developers alike. All of them always want a high quality page in the smallest amount of time possible. Page speed has always been a ranking factor. Now mobile page speed has also become a ranking factor for search engines. So, one must work on that as well.

21. Brand Factor

Brand is a ranking factor nowadays as well. Engines check the brand’s authority by checking all the properties on the site. Be it your reputation, trust, problem solving or context, all the things determine your rank in search engine results.

22. GDPR

Privacy policies and conditions have always been an area of concern for the companies and users both. Companies have been collecting personal data from users since a long time. Now, a regulation has been passed where the user has the authority to ask what data is being transmitted.

Google has even launched an update where all the user data will expire after 26 months of collection. It is upon all companies to follow this regulation otherwise they will have to face a heavy fine. Moreover, personal data can also be deleted upon users’ request.

23. Device Usage

People access the internet on various devices throughout the day. Some prefer a PC while others enjoy the mobile devices in their hands. We will be showing some statistics of how many users access the internet through various devices.

Search Engine Statistics, Facts, and Trends for 2019

Credits: DataReportal

24. Organic vs Paid Search

Everything is about the search results these days. Who ranks better is the question every company is asking. Another vital question: “is it is organic or paid?” Everyone wants to know. Let us show you some of the stats.

A total of 35% of traffic comes from organic search results while only 5% comes from paid ads.

25.Preferred Device for Internet Use

People are moving more and more towards mobile usage. People prefer quick answers instantly. For this purpose they turn to their mobile devices rather than turning on their desktop computers, which is time consuming.

Search Engine Statistics, Facts, and Trends for 2019

Credits: Statista

As you can see, 97% of the users access the internet via their smartphones while 75% use their desktop PCs and others follow them.


We have discussed a lot of the benefits, disadvantages, trends and facts about the internet and search engines. There is a lot more information out there. It is just a matter of grabbing your phone to look it up.

For more information on the subject, stay tuned!


Which device is used most for internet?

Smartphones are the most used devices to access the internet right now.

Which search engine is used most?

Google is the most used search engine right now. But others are not to be ignored at all.

Which country uses internet the most?

China has the most users of internet in the world with a figure of over 748 million users.

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