Prepostseo Free Plagiarism Checker tool – Review Our review of Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker, a free online tool with a high level of accuracy working with files from Clipboard, Local Storage, Google Drive and Dropbox

10 Free Anti-Plagiarism Detection Checker software tools

A few months ago we published a list of 10 Free Anti-Plagiarism Detection Checker software tools, where we enumerated a bunch of free plagiarism detection software available online that could help you to better deal with non-original abstracts, as well as with the most common rogeting techniques.

In this post, we’ll talk about an additional anti-plagiarism checker tool which we were unable to include in that list: Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker, a free online tool released by Prepostseo.

Are you aware of the eternal struggle between plagiarism detection software and rogeting tools? If you don’t, we strongly suggest taking a look at this post, where we explained how both of these algorithm-based techniques actually work.


Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker is an online plagiarism checker tool designed with a high level of accuracy: as most competitors, it analyzes the data available online on various search engines to check for plagiarism using an advanced algorithm to find copied or paraphrased content. After detecting the plagiarism, it also provides the link to the plagiarized sources.

The unique algorithm has been developed to identify all types of plagiarism, such as incremental, patchwork and accidental plagiarism.

How to use it

Prepostseo Anti-plagiarism Checker offers a simple, web-based interface that allows you to send text using two alternative methods:

  • Copy your text and paste it into the provided input box.
  • Upload a file by clicking one of the three available Select File buttons: the first one allows the upload from your Local Storage, the second one is for Google Drive, while the third is for Dropbox.

Prepostseo Free Plagiarism Checker tool - Review

As you can see by looking at the above screenshot, you can also explicitly exclude specific quotes by checking the Exclude Quotes checkbox; you can also select a specific language to check for plagiarism. Furthermore, the tools allows you to exclude a single, specific URLs from the anti-plagiarism check: if you need to do that, click the Exclude URL button and paste the URL into the input box.

Once you’re ready, click the Check Plagiarism button to complete the plagiarism detection.

Once finished, you will get the following values:

  • Percentage of content plagiarized
  • Percentage of unique content
  • Exact phrase match
  • Corresponding sources
  • Paraphrased Match Percentage
  • Words matter and
  • Readability

Usage limitations

There are no limitations to the target users of Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker service, which can be useful for:

  • students who are interested in creating unique content;
  • teachers who either write their own scientific papers or need to check their students’ works.
  • journalists, bloggers, and writers who want to scan and check their writings before publishing.

Security and Privacy

Basing on what the company says, this plagiarism checker is very safe. They guarantee that their system is well-protected against external attacks, making stealing works technically impossible. Other than that, the tool’s activities (the actual check for plagiarism) are never saved and they will permanently disappear as soon as the user deletes the text, without being saved anywhere.


That’s it, at least for now: we hope that this post will help those who are looking for a free anti-plagiarism checker tool that does its job.

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