Major advantages of Software Development Outsourcing in other Countries Are you thinking about outsourcing your IT software development projects? Here are some useful insights

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During recent years, the times when the IT industry effortlessly covers practically any point of our planet, an increasing number of startuppers and business owners find a profitable, yet ultimately efficient solution in software development outsourcing. There are several reasons for that, both obvious and more in-depth.

Top 3 to Hire an Outsourcing Company for Software Development

The first reason is an obvious one. You get an awesome opportunity to hire an outsourcing team that would feature required skills - no more, no less - and work for a reasonable rate at that (which is a tendency caused not by the lower quality of end services, but by either fierce competition on the regional market or lower cost of living in the location where a team is based).

Reason number two is the fact that there can simply be no company available on your local market that would employ software building experts of the required qualification level. This is quite a frequent situation for smaller towns and even some countries where the IT industry grows slower. Four years ago, for instance, it was possible to find a programmer specializing in blockchain development, perhaps, only in the USA and few other locations.

Last but not least, reason number three is that you simply might not have the capability to expand your own company and provide new sufficient working spaces for new software development experts at the moment. And organizing adequate working conditions is not only about the office space rent, purchase of new hardware and furniture, it’s also about regular tax payments.

These here factors, as we see it, are quite enough to make one decide to go and hire an outsourcing software development company.

Where to Look for an Outsourcing-Focused Team?

Considering that software development isn’t the easiest type of work out there, it’s important to look for an outsourcing company with a good, voluminous portfolio, a solid list of provided services, and client-approved reputation.

According to the latest tendencies, one of the locations to rarely fail in offering establishments that have all that and more in store, and that don’t pose grave business risks is India or the Eastern Europe area.

Now, everybody knows about India, but... Why Eastern Europe? Well, as a matter of fact, that's one the largest destination for IT as a whole and outsourcing in particular in Eastern Europe, where the industry strives and mobile, desktop, and web developers, designers, testers, and other IT aces are brought up ‘from the cradle’. This is achieved in big part due to the fact that most Eastern Europe countries are currently housing numerous programming-focused schools and universities that bring the global market professionals willing to take up projects of any complexity and niche (mobile apps or machine learning-based products - they create all that in equal proportions).


Hiring freelancers to work on a large-scale project (e.g. AAA mobile software development) who will require to be coordinated all throughout the project cycle isn’t, obviously, the best of ideas. Go only for top outsourcing companies on the market if you want to stay completely confident in the integrity and expert capacities of your hired team. This is the way to get the highest-quality service at profitable rates due to reputation being among their crucial factors in defining a position on the market.

IDAP is one of the best Ukraine outsourcing company that can fulfill your needs in adequate, top-notch work at a reasonable price. The firm quality and reliability of our services allowed us to become a leading name among the companies working with foreign clients.

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