Top 4 Onboarding Practices For Every Enterprise How to integrate new employees with the company and avoid them leaving in a short while

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Onboarding.  A task that is capable of making the lives of HR leaders and top management employees dreadful. The amount of pressure that these leaders have is insane. After all, it only after a remarkable onboarding experience that the new hires will make up their mind to stay with the organization for a long time. 

Who doesn’t want an employee who joins your organization thinking to stay for as long as possible? Searching, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding a new employee is not a cheap affair. On the contrary to what many might think, it is perhaps one of the most costly aspects of running an organization. 

Thus, offering an onboarding experience that covers everything from what an employee might need to making sure they are comfortable at every stage is a crucial part. 

In this article, you can read about how HR leaders and other stakeholders of the organization can make onboarding seamless. There are plenty of tools and methods to help you achieve the same. 

Choose the right tool

It is always the right tool that will help you go far. The focus here is on the word ‘right’. If a tool doesn’t align well with your organization or your organizational goals, it can often be a challenge and can easily turn into an expensive liability. 

Enterprise project management is no joke for leaders who are hiring. There are so many elements that are needed to be taken care of and so many documents that are needed to be filled. With the right project management software, leaders can easily streamline every process of onboarding. 

This helps them stay more confident and prepare them to execute an effective onboarding session for new employees. 

Set milestones

The day when your new hires join is also the day for you to define what the organization is actually expecting from them and set the milestones accordingly. 

Ask as many questions as you can from your employees to figure out their mindset and how much time would they actually need to settle down in your organization. You should also encourage them to tell you about what do they expect from your organization. 

This will help you set their expectations right and also give them a hint of what their employees are looking for. Leave no surprises for later. 

Involve the team

When you are onboarding a new hire, make sure everyone in your enterprise has an idea about it and is involved in the entire process. 

Your entire team should have an idea about the new hire, from their needs and pain points to story and background. This will ensure that your employees are ready to treat them well and like their own from the start. 

This will allow your new hire to start getting comfortable in the organization, meet the people they are going to work with, and also start building bonds from their first day there. 

Customize this experience for new hires

Onboarding can often can monotonous. After all, every organization almost has the same old process. 

How about you consider customizing this experience for your employees a little? You can make sure that your onboarding experience is already making your new hires feel at home. You can start by considering your employee as a new partner. Make your onboarding session employee-based and fulfill their needs. 

Also, offer them information that goes beyond your company’s culture. Make your team share some informal insights with the new hires (positive of course) so that your new hires can open up and escape the overwhelming feeling. 


Onboarding a new hire is often seen as a task. But with the right set of tools and strategies, anything can become a walk in the park. 


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