Why you should choose a dedicated server in the Netherlands Many customers who are in need of European location for their hardware prefer Netherlands dedicated servers over those hosted in web farms placed in other countries, and they do that for good reasons: let's see why

Why you should choose a dedicated server in the Netherlands

Nowadays every business owner knows what a dedicated server is and why it is so important to make use of this solution. Not only it ensures flawless operation of the company, but also guarantees integrity and security of corporate data. The demand is huge, and so is the supply, although picking the best option isn’t an easy task.

Many customers who are in need of European location for their hardware prefer Netherlands dedicated servers over those hosted in web farms placed in other countries. And they do that for good reasons: let’s see why.

First, the Netherlands has a well-developed hosting market. This country is well-known for its tech hubs, which means that competition among providers of various services related to IT, including web hosting, is pretty fierce. In order to survive, these companies struggle for every client and keep the quality standards high. Their customers are choosy indeed when it comes to selecting a hosting provider. The rule of thumb is that the older the company, the more reliable it is. For example, Hostkey has existed since 2007, which argues in favor of its dependability. It just can’t be otherwise in a saturated and highly competitive market.

Second, Dutch state-of-the-art datacenters can boast of excellent connectivity to every part of the world. If quick response to numerous queries is crucial for your business, Netherlands-based hosting is just the thing for you. Hostkey’s facilities are located in the town of Meppel, not far from Amsterdam, which means that your server will be connected to major backbone networks.

Third, using a datacenter in a developed country means having highly proficient, well-trained tech staff at hand. Besides, you will surely get technical support in good English. It’s no secret that the largest part of people from Northern European countries speak English fluently, maybe with a slight foreign accent. So, you won’t have any language barrier, which is a great advantage.

Why you should choose a dedicated server in the Netherlands

Here are a few tips on how to rent a dedicated server, which will optimally meet your requirements:

  • Even if your budget is tight, don’t grab the cheapest option: it may turn out rather expensive in the long run. Look at the lists of characteristics, not at price tags only. Remember that it’s all about the best price/quality ratio rather than the lowest price.
  • The more reputable the provider is, the better. It’s not that all startups are fly-by-nights, but it’s impossible to tell whether a firm founded just a month ago is able to do the job properly.
  •  Make sure you chose the right configuration. If you definitely need a GPU server, but prefer a CPU-based machine simply because it’s cheaper, you may lose more than you’ll save, due to the poorer performance.
  • Free technical and customer support round-the-clock is a must-have.
  • Having several channels of communication sometimes is critical: say, in case of a force majeure. If you have just an email address, you might be left toe-to-toe with your problem. For some businesses, a few hours’ delay in solving a problem could result in a total nightmare.
  • Keep your options open: monitor offers at the market, so that you will be able to switch to a more suitable variant at any time.

All in all, when making such an important choice, do use common sense and don’t rush into a decision, and you will find the option that suits your needs best.



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