How to clean old Game Consoles - SNES, Genesis, PSX, PS2 & the like A small guide explaining what you can do to clean your old gaming console controllers and fans

How to clean old Game Consoles - SNES, Genesis, PSX, PS2 & the like

With the advancement in technology, today’s children spend most of their time playing video games. There is no doubt to say that video games are one of the best ways that keep our children busy for a long time. However, it is equally essential to keep this gadget in a proper working condition to utilize the same to its maximum. Whether your old game consoles are filled with dirt and filth or are stained with dirty fingers, the issues can be corrected as long as they are not critical.

In some cases, the remote controllers (the devices used to control the game) can cease to function due to the continuous use of them with dirty fingers, the console fans may not work appropriately due to the presence of dust in it, or cable connection may turn out to be unstable. Although these factors are not considered to be serious issues, the same can have a negative effect on the performance of your old game consoles.

Here are some major tips on how to clean old game consoles, which will also work well for Handheld Game Emulators (if you don't know what they are, check out this handheld game emulator list).

Regular cleaning

In order to ensure the proper functioning of your video game consoles, cleaning the same at least once in a week in a necessity. Usually, we live around dust mites, paper fibres, pollutants, and other such harmful stuff. Thus, it is very obvious to say that our gadgets catch up the dust present in our surroundings. So to avoid the permanent damage to your system due to filth, you should clean it with a duster or a Swiffer.

Cover it up

Make sure to power off the console and cover it up when you are not operating it. Covering up the console with a neat cloth can avoid the entrance of dust particles in it. Hence, it can help you to eliminate future expenditure on the same.

Make it shine

Another cleaning factor is to wipe the surface of the gadget using the wet cloth. Besides that, if you want the console to shine then what is better than applying a few drops of cleaning spray in it? You don't have to apply the spray directly into the game rather take a few drops of it in a clean, plastic-friendly, and bleach-free cloth. Gently, wipe the console with this cloth.

Wipe down the controllers

Even the controllers are prone to attract dust that further gunk the button of the device making it troublesome for you to press a particular button. In case of a controller, you just require an anti-bacterial wipe and give your controller a nice wipe down. Do not forget to clean the cables if you are operating the wired controllers.

Although these tricks can preserve your consoles from unwanted filth and maintain the proper functioning of the same, it may not prove to be effective enough if your system has internal issues.

Maintenance tips

The small issues with your consoles can be easily resolved by cleaning the dust from it. However, you might require opening up the electronics if your system is not working. Let’s discuss some major deep cleaning tips of the consoles:

Step 1: Deep dusting

If your system turns black due to the presence of excessive dust then it is worth opening it. Take out the cover of the game consoles and blow air in it to extricate the fluffy stuff. Make sure to hold the console's fans with your fingers while blowing air into the system and practice the same in an open area rather than your gaming room.

Step 2: Open it and wash up

Another way to clean the old consoles is to take out the components of the device with a screwdriver and wash it up. Fill up a bucket with warm soapy water or use another dish detergent. Make sure to practice the same gently as the plastics of the old consoles are usually rigid. Once you have wiped the components with this solution, allow it some time to dry. Do not fix the components in the device unless it gets dry. This method can also be preferred to clean and wash up the controller. It will make the buttons of the controller easy to be pressed.

Step 3: The electronic bits

Lastly, if the problem still continues then there must be an issue with the circuit board of the consoles. Though the correction to the electric boards can only be done by the electrician, if you desire to clean the surface of the circuit board then fill a bowl with alcohol and dip a soft brush in it. Gently apply this solution to the circuit board. However, it is highly recommended to take the assistance of the electrician repair services in such cases, a wrong action in the electric board can lead to the complete damage of the device.


So these were some common tips that can keep your old full-cabinet and portable consoles in proper working condition.


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