Getting real-time data about customers How digital wallet can help you to get real-time data as well as real-time payments

Getting real-time data about customers

The positive aspects of a digital wallet can hardly be overestimated because, in addition to the wide functionality and interface’s simplicity, business owners can receive payment transaction data in real-time. The Wallet Factory Company presents a white label product – virtual wallet that can be easily downloaded on the smartphone with iOS or Android. The app is not only professionally developed but also allows staying in touch with actual financial news and procedures.

Moreover, the application owner has the opportunity to get the actual report about the user’s operations online, in a few seconds/minutes after, for example, paying the price for the item and cash remittance.

The owner also gets the notification about:

  • Credit transaction.
  • Debit operation.
  • Refunding.
  • Preauthorization.

Information in the system is processed extremely quickly, so if there is a high-quality Internet on the mobile device, data on payments will come immediately after their execution. The notifications will contain only essential information, which allows you to quickly structure the report and figure out the financial income. The provided soft is regularly updated and improved, so the platform will pleasantly surprise the user.

Protecting personal data in mobile wallets

The Wallet Factory Company provides only high-leveled international safety standards that reduce risks for both clients and businessmen. Special channels are used for data transmission, which is securely encrypted. In order to get access to the account and costs, the software owner has to pass a few steps, among which there can be:

  • One-time password solution that will convince the system that the phone is tied to the account, which belongs to the page’s owner.
  • Getting a secret unique key.
  • Checking via call.
  • Monitoring due to the special question/answer, etc.

It’s also possible to use the website and manage the eWallet while using a static IP address. The company implements special security developments that protect against viruses, hackers, and session replication.

There are unique SSL communication channels with preliminary encryption and general payment monitoring that are performed both in manual and in automatic mode. All the money transfers are made during the short coding session, thanks to which the attackers do not have time to get the necessary data or intercept the signal. All the info about the user’s logging in is recognized, taken into account, and compared with previous ones, so the person, who lives in another part of the planet won’t get access.

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