ExpressVPN Chrome Extension Review What ExpressVPN Chrome Extension actually is, how it performs, strenghts & weaknesses

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Today, it can be challenging to tell if one is truly safe on the Internet. If you’re using Google Chrome as your primary browser, a proactive way to secure your traffic would be to get a Chrome extension VPN.

What a VPN actually is (and why you need it)

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is not the same as an antivirus, it tackles primarily threats to your traffic by keep you anonymous and preventing third-party interception and tracking. A VPN provides ample protection from ISPs who track and sell your data, surveillance by government intelligence and hackers that might be eyeing your digital wallets and e-banking credentials.

Not only does a VPN safeguard your privacy and security, it also bypasses geo-restrictions to allow access to blackout content. You don’t have to live in China or the Middle East to be encountered with access blocks. Paid content streaming services like Netflix and NFL’s U.S. game pass are highly restrictive even in the freest countries on the planet. Content airing rights is a complicated game, and it’s often the end users that suffer. The good thing is, A VPN changes your IP address when you’re routed through a foreign server, disguising you as a local in a country of your choice.

Why a Chrome Extension?

A Chrome extension is specifically optimized for Google Chrome, so on top of an operating system app, if Chrome is your default browser, it’s always a good idea to get that as well to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. ExpressVPN is the first on the market to incorporate EFF’s HTTPS Everywhere feature into their chrome extension. This ensures that everything you key into the browser will automatically be encrypted and secured with HTTPS, instead of the outdated and unsafe protocol, HTTP. This is one among many outstanding features of ExpressVPN, let’s look at the rest below.

ExpressVPN Chrome Extension Review

ExpressVPN is highly trusted by a lot of tech review platforms and authorities: let’s take a look at why that is.

  • High-speed connection
  • Plenty of servers - Up to 2000 servers in 94 different countries and 148 cities, highly flexible connection and location-masking options.
  • Zero data logging policy ensures that not even ExpressVPN can see what you’re up to, which means no authorities or third-parties can pry into your business
  • Beginner friendly – Easy setup and great user interface across platforms, requires absolutely no technical know-how
  • 24-hour Support – 24/7 live chat with customers service, 365 days of the year
  • Kill Switch – The kill switch instantly drops connection when data is not transmitted through its encryption tunnel to protect your privacy
  • Multiple device compatibility, including Android, Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS and more
  • ExpressVPN allows for large file size torrenting with unlimited bandwidth
  • US government-grade encryption level (256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard) adopted to protect your data
  • Optimized to unblock content streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Kodi and NFL games with the International Season Plus game pass
  • ExpressVPN performs well in multiple DNS, WebRTC and IP leak tests

Limitations of ExpressVPN

While the list of pros is evidently extensive, ExpressVPN is not without limitations. Here are what we’ve found:

  • Connection Limit – there’s a maximum connection to three devices from one account. This would pose as a problem to users using multiple devices at the same time.
  • Transparency – ExpressVPN is a relatively secretive company. There is no indication to suggest who are the person/ people behind it. This is however not an uncommon practice across most VPN companies, and is a totally fair bargain for complete privacy.
  • Pricing – ExpressVPN is not exactly the cheapest on the market. Starting at $12.95/ month, it’s a premium option that’s a good deal pricier than other paid VPNs. But looking at the level of comprehensiveness and customer support, it’s good value for your money. ExpressVPN is now offering a discount coupon that takes 49% off their regular subscription, making internet privacy and security a lot more accessible.

How to Install ExpressVPN Extension for Chrome

If you’d like to try ExpressVPN out now, head over to their website and sign up for an account - you’ll get 30 days of free service that you can drop anytime in this window, no questions asked. Once you have the operating system app installed, you can download the ExpressVPN extension for Chrome. It is compatible with Google Chrome browsers on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Make sure you have both the app and the extension turned on when browsing the net.

For more information, reach out to ExpressVPN’s support team through their website.

Happy browsing!


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