Does Your Company Need Email Marketing? Do you think e-mail marketing is ineffective and comparable to spam? That could be true in most cases, but there are some specific scenario where such tool can still be worth something

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Some marketers still think that e-mail marketing is ineffective and equate it with spam. While it is enough to review your mailing strategy and see all the features and benefits of this tool.

What tasks does e-mail marketing solve?

  • turning website visitors who have left their contact into customers;
  • motivation of existing clients for repeat purchases;
  • increasing confidence in the company, providing information about products;
  • e-mail marketing allows you to inspire information about your competitors.
  • generation of targeted actions - registrations, visits, returns to the abandoned basket, etc.

In 2019, Criteo conducted an interesting study on email marketing and found that emails give online stores an average of 24% of profit. Only SEO, which brings 38% of the profit, is capable of great return.

E-mail marketing remains one of the important links in the structure of competent Internet marketing:

  • More than 34% of all people (2.5 billion) use e-mail.
  • About 196 billion letters are sent daily (109 billion of which refer to business correspondence).
  • The trend is growing - according to some estimates in 2 years the number of users will reach 2.8 billion people.
  • However, most of all advertisers are inspired by the fact that such mailings do not lose their effectiveness.

For every dollar spent on email marketing, the return is on average $40, which is 2 times higher than the ROI of media advertising.

E-mail marketing is an effective way to "reach" your audience: messages from family, friends and colleagues go hand in hand. People like to be addressed personally, so it is important that the letters are also personal. E-mails can be generated when a user completes an action, so they will be most relevant to him/her. The reason for writing can be any - changes in your company, quizzes/competitions, feedback, etc. - e-mail marketing will not go anywhere in the foreseeable future.

Still have doubts that e-mail marketing is suitable for your type of business? We suggest you to take a look at the following positive aspects that make it worthwhile to use e-mail marketing for your company.

1. E-mail letters are effective for attracting customers

Of course, social media is an important channel for interacting with the audience and strengthening personal relationships with them - all of this ultimately promotes conversion. But when it comes to converting subscribers to customers, e-mail marketing is the best way to do it.

2. Cheap

The obvious advantage is the lower cost compared to other channels of traditional promotion. E-mail distribution, however, needs to be automated, monitored and evaluated. There may be some costs, especially when sending several thousand emails simultaneously. Nevertheless, the profitability of E-mail distribution remains higher than in traditional promotion channels.

Proper mailing management will increase ROI from interaction with clients. With an increase in the number of replies to your competently constructed chain of letters, you get an opportunity to deliver information of interest to the client cheaper. This is a mutually beneficial situation.

3. Customization and segmentation

In e-mail marketing the correct approach is segmentation of the audience and subsequent sending of actual information to each segment.

E-mail mailing can also be carried out for people who may not only be interested in your product, but also those who meet certain criteria.

Your mailing should form loyalty to you and your organization, not to cause negative associations and be similar to spam. E-mail marketing is important for building relationships with potential customers and existing customers, and even with those who have left - you have the opportunity to address them. Be friendly, address yourself - you won't be annoyed by your e-mails if they are properly startup.

The more you know about your subscribers, the higher their level of involvement will be.

4. Aim for those who like you

E-mail is the channel that customers prefer to communicate with you. Most companies use this channel to send emails to those who are subscribed to this mailing list, i.e. interested people. This allows to achieve more conversion.

5. Call to action

E-mail is great for impulse sales, as it allows you to buy the product in a click. This service will help you use a bright CTA in your emails together with a link to the order, you can achieve KPIs with other channels of promotion.

6. Easy to get started

You can create a campaign by yourself from a nice template. Please note: the most successful companies use simple templates with simple text design, without unnecessary and unnecessary flavors. Such companies assume that the content is the most important part of an e-mail message.

7. Easy to track

Another key advantage of e-mail marketing is that it is easy to find that you are moving in the wrong direction. Most mail management services will show the number of open, "clicked" and convertible emails.

8. Mobile devices allow you to check your e-mail more often

The availability of smartphones and mobile Internet increases the audience that uses their mobile devices to check mail and surf the Internet constantly.

9. Efficiency

You can see the results of sending letters from the first seconds. A 24-hour sale, for example, can be advantageous via e-mail as it motivates subscribers to take action immediately. Traditional advertising does not offer such benefits.

10. Feedback

Besides advertising and increasing the loyalty of subscribers to your company, the mailing list is a great way to collect feedback from customers. However, such feedback should not be collected just for a tick. Asking question, you can get valuable information about your product. It is important that the feedback from your subscribers must have your comments, which can then also be sent to the database to subscribers to show your reaction.


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