Top features to look for in a valid ECommerce platform A list of the most important features a good ECommerce platform should have in 2021

How to increase your eCommerce store sales

With eCommerce growing by every passing year, online retailers need to have an apt technology to execute their strategy. The only issue is with so many platforms in line, how do you figure which is the right eCommerce agency for your business?

Its demand has been regularly increasing in the last few years. There is a nearly 15% jump in online sales and is expected to increase in the coming few years. An eCommerce helps you to profit from the online sales growth you encounter when starting a business or trading your products or services online.

Reach out to a suitable eCommerce platform instead of hindering your skill to grow at a faster rate by hiring a web developer. A well-developed and known web agency saves you a good time and money.

With several alternatives available - how do you know if you're choosing the right one? Below are a few features to look at when considering an eCommerce platform for your business.

1.    Cost and payment

Examine the cost whenever you hunt for an eCommerce platform. The point is what you are paying, not about if your business is well-established or you have just started. Every platform has a monthly charge to pay. A hosted platform price varies from the self-hosted one. The amount asked to start with the platform should be considered.

Compromising your growth only because you have an agency that has a cheaper cost is not a good idea. Contemplate over the advantages and disadvantages of each and then consider the one that falls within your budget. Take in mind that payment is not a hassle for customers on the platform you choose to sell your products or services on.

Few platforms don't collaborate with third-party merchants for payments. That may lead to losing your customer as they might not have the mode of payment the platform offers. Wherever you go through various software, determine the forms of payment you would accept.

2.    Integrations

Integrations and plugins are essential to examine when selecting an eCommerce platform. Several platforms have tools for your business to run. Picking on the plugins that operate the best for your business is a vital factor to determine. Study about the tools that you require by going through various platforms. Below are some plugins to consider:

  • Plugins to assist with costs, revenues, earnings, and sales
  • Look out for the email marketing tools to stay in touch with your consumers.
  • A platform where your customers get rewarded for using your products.
  • Apps to assist you with the shipment of your products.

3.    SEO Friendly

Ecommerce businesses operating on their SEO are profitable to acquire the highest rank in search results. When customers search for products similar to what you provide or the service, you want them to find your products as well. When you glance through all the platforms, consider how SEO friendliness:

  • Facility to have a blog for your website
  • Facility to have your domain name
  • Facility for customers to review your products

4.    Mobile Friendly

More than half the population do their search on mobile. Which eventually leads to purchase from a mobile device. This means it is vital for a platform to run on mobile efficiently, permitting customers to have swift access to your website through which they can make a purchase.

5.    Customer support

For any business to become successful, an essential aspect is customer support. On the other hand, running a business on e-commerce is a whole different ball game. It will not only affect the revenue but will also spoil the brand image. People often look to call someone at any point, which plays a vital role in the e-commerce platform.

6.    Security

Security is a vital aspect of any e-commerce business. No customer would want to enter their credit card information on an unfinished website. This is the reason why security is becoming one of the biggest concerns among customers.

7.    Scalability

Any business owner will hope their business will rise in the future, but you may not know to what extent. Nevertheless, it's essential to look for a platform that will balance with your business.


Shifting from a traditional store to an online store can be intimidating when considering that there are so many things to examine. This is why looking out for all these features is vital when choosing an eCommerce platform to sell your products. It's a challenge to keep up with the ongoing trend and the one which will come.

But it's worth in the end to reach out to a suitable platform that scales with your business to sell your products or services online quickly. While at it, you can also employ a digital advertising agency to handle the job for you. Make your business reach greater heights by choosing the right eCommerce platform to sell your products or services.




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