Solving the Problem of Duplicate Photos How to solve the problem of duplicate photos with reverse image searching and how to deal with plagiarism attempts

Solving the Problem of Duplicate Photos

If you are tired of people duplicating your photos without your permission, then you are in the right place. The problem of image duplication can be very frustrating as it can directly and seriously damage your search engine optimization and ranking position of your website or webpage. In this article, we are going to tell you about reverse image searching and photo lookup technology. This is the only way that is easy and friendly for us to use to avoid image duplication problems. You have to focus on the steps that we have mentioned below if you want to rid the problems of duplicate photos!

How to solve the problem of duplicate photos with reverse image searching?

Here are the steps that would tell you about how you can solve the problem of image duplication without any complications.

Collect Evidence-Use Reverse Image Search Tools

The first thing you need to know is that the collection of evidence and solid evidence is very important if you want to catch the culprit who is misusing your content. If you are constantly facing trouble with search engine optimization and are losing your ranking positions, then know that you have to look for either plagiarism in your textual content or duplication of your images. In the majority of cases, it has been seen that image duplication can cause serious trouble in this regard.

If you use the reverse image search technology, then you can easily find out whether someone is using your images without your authorization. Furthermore, know that image duplication is a serious crime and is considered to be unethical in all parts of the world. Now the reverse image search tools have many features and facilities that you can enjoy, and you can simply find out about the image misuse and image duplication with reverse image search tools, you just need to have the best image finder tool in your pocket!

The reverse image search by is the perfect tool for finding images. This image search tool is a free program that can be used by anyone. This online search by image tool can work on different devices. You just need a good browser with a valid internet connection to find out about the image related results. The picture search tool can get you results from three different image search engines including Google, Bing and Yandex! When you input your image in the reverse image search tool, you would easily get to know about the websites and the pages that are using your content without your permission!

Contact the plagiarizer!

When the reverse image search tools have provided you with the results and information about the websites or sources that are having your images on them, then you can easily contact that particular website via email. You can easily find the contact information on any website that you open so it won't be a problem for you. The results from the reverse image search tool must be attached in the email that you are sending to the culprit, causing you all the trouble. In the email, you have to sound very professional, and you should, at the same time, know that you have to mention a deadline telling them to remove your content. We would recommend you to at least give them two days or 48-hours to remove the content before you take action against them.

Contact the search engine!

When you get no response after two days or the mentioned deadline in the email or if the person is not ready to remove the content then you can easily contact the search engine and report the matter to it. You can hook up with Google's copyrights infringement portal, and from there, you can fill out an online form and submit it with the search engine. You can also attach the process of duplication in the form so that you can present the case in a very formal manner. In the majority of cases, the search engine will respond to your query and deindex the source. It can take some time, but we would recommend you to wait.

Take the matter to the legal courts

If you don't get a positive response from the search engine or the domain registrar, then you should simply take the legal route. This is the last resort, it is expensive but is worth the effort, especially if you want to save your business and your reputation. You can get in touch with a lawyer that has expertise in taking up the cases of copyrights and plagiarism. This would help you a lot in the long run so you should go for this option if you are disappointed by Google or the domain authority!

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