Understanding the concept of Digital Marketing in the present day How Digital Marketing evolved in the last years with the growth of the Internet

Understanding the concept of Digital Marketing in the present day

Marketing has been the most phenomenal business that brings out the best creativity of entrepreneurs in the market. Marketing has its origin since the time buying and selling started. But with the growth of the internet and reach of internet in every home, businesses have been looking out to new ways to do marketing. This has brought Digital marketing in the picture.

Digital marketing, as the term goes, is the marketing done with the use of digital tools on the internet. As the internet is reaching to every corner of the world, the opportunities for businesses to reach every home via Digital marketing are also increasing. With the use of proper strategy and useful tools, every customer can be taken in the fishnet of selling.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. With the increasing popularity of the internet, many similar results come on the internet. It is a tool that helps to attract the organic traffic by keeping your website or content on top of results. As everyone knows, most of the users search for a product or service on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Google is the most used search engine unless you use useful tools, your page or website will be lost somewhere in the results. Optimization of search engines helps you bring right customers, quality customers, and quantity of customers at the right time to keep increasing your sales.

A search engine must understand what the user has asked. Also, at the same time, it must understand what data is there on each page or blog which has been written or uploaded by that data owner. Then only, it can optimize the data to prepare the best quality and most relevant results. This understanding takes place by correctly utilizing the term "Keywords." A set of the proper keyword in the content which you use in the content on your website, makes you win the battle and proliferate the sales. It is of utmost importance to make your site in a format that search engine can read and understand quickly. The best part of Search engine optimization is the targeted population. It brings the result to people who are looking for exactly your service.

Importance and Value of Keyword Research

To optimize a search engine, the most crucial task is to prepare the best content on your website and present best possible keywords which can drive the traffic to you by bringing your page on the top of the search list. Also, doing proper keyword research and putting up money on the right keyword will bring the right customer, not an irrelevant one.

Keyword research is gaining an understanding to choose the right keywords for your business that can bring you the right customers. As a business owner, you must understand what a user could type on google if he wants to buy your product. Imagine you search for iPhone manufacturer "Apple," and Google gives you result of a fruit vendor who sells apples. You will surely scratch your head in frustration with the results. With the help of many software and data available with various SEO service providers, this task becomes a little less bulky.

Ranking keywords for your business go in flow with the market demand, price hike, and demographical changes. Thus, keeping the best keyword on high rank is the key to stand on the top search list constantly for long.

The significance of Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are the same 3- word keywords that specifically define your work or service inexact. Unlike standard keywords, these are mostly specific keywords belonging to a particular webpage only. Also, unlike standard keywords, they tend to bring less quantity of traffic but a better quality of traffic. Any visitor or user who searches uses more words in their search to fit their search in the most relevant frame.

For example, consider that you are the manufacturer of a watch company. For your webpage, "watch" is a normal keyword which may give results including your page as well as other watch manufacturers, but since you produce slim watches, long tail keyword "world's slimmest watch" will directly give your website as a result and tick the customer instantly to your site. This way long tail keywords are more useful in bringing more specific customers.

Learning Digital Marketing and SEO tools via Podcasts

As speedily this field is growing, no of experts are also coming who provide the best digital marketing solutions and help you gain knowledge of digital marketing. Since, marketing is digital, why also not learning to be digital? Recently, a new trend of learning podcasts has picked up the pace in the industry. Numerous podcasts are coming up to teach digital marketing which can help you gain quick knowledge of digital marketing from other's experience without hitting your head every time on the hammer.

To go with the latest trends in digital marketing, there have been few best digital Marketing podcasts such as “Side Hustle Show” and “Ask Gary Vee” run by Nick Loper and Gary Vee respectively. Those looking forward to learning digital marketing, but still have less time for it can tune into their podcasts, put in your earphones and continue to work.

Competition brings Opportunities

In all, if you are well aware that there are millions of customers in the world that are willing to buy a product that you have been manufacturing, digital marketing, SEO, keyword research is the subjects for you to learn and implement. The speed at which internet is growing, usage of digital marketing and SEO tools is also increasing. With this, there is considerable growth in the awareness about digital marketing and SEO tools among retailers, business owners.

Thus, competition is also growing, which if not taken care strategically, can ruin your business. On one side where traditional marketing is seeing its grey days, on the other hand, digital marketing is bringing silver clouds for small and medium-size business owners who have not been able to run big traditional marketing campaigns like big shots.


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