Top 10 iOS and Swift Resources for XCode Development If you are willing to learn more about iOS and Swift, here are few resources which can help you (and your XCode) to get started

Top 10 iOS and Swift Resources for XCode Development

Technology is just like news. Yesterday’s news is today’s history and today’s news are tomorrow’s history. Even in technology, nothing is absolute. Basic keypad phones, which were once the most advanced technology now are outdated. The same fact also applies to programming languages. Initially, machine level binary languages were used and now we are in the age of C#, C++, Python and what not. If you are a web developer, you must be constantly updating your programming skills like learning the latest programming languages.

Swift is probably the most happening and most promising future of IOS development. Features of Swift like open questions, classes and libraries are growing day-by-day. If you are an iOS developer, you must have already written a few programs or even apps in Swift. If you are new to IOS development, you will already be overwhelmed by Objective-C. Swift, through its solid syntax, is even more exciting. So, give Swift a try and you will never turn back. This should tempt you to take a look at Top 10 IOS and Swift Resources.

If you are willing to learn more about IOS and Swift, here are few resources which can help you get started.

#1. Apple-Swift Language Documentation

Apple, which released Swift for development, has released a complete documentation with all class reference and all the information that you may ever need. This is actually a great place to look up when you need some reference. Apple also has many videos and demo projects to help you get started.

#2. Udemy

Udemy is one of the biggest online platforms for learning. It has a course named called Introduction to Swift, which is completely free. This is a great place to start learning and/or deepen your knowledge about Swift. Udemy also has thousands of other courses like Objective-C, Introduction to IOS and so on which you, as a developer might want to take up.

#3. Jameson Quave

Jameson Quave makes many competitive tutorials for Swift. His tutorials cover almost everything about Swift so that the learners become masters of the programming language. There are many specific use case tutorials. This is great to deepen your knowledge about specific points.

#4. Coding Explorer Blog

The subtitle of the blog “From a beginner for beginners” itself is sufficient to understand that is blog is beginner-friendly. You can learn right from the ABCD all the way to the intricate and complicated concepts of Swift.

#5. Ray Wenderlich

Ray Wenderlich has A Swift Quick Start Guide. This takes you through the swift learning of Swift and also is a great way to learn Swift Quickly. If you want to learn Swift fast to have an overview and a decent knowledge, this is the right place.

#6. WeHeartSwift

WeHeartSwift is made by Swift lovers. They provide 100 exercises to learn Swift. The exercises will be progressive from beginner level to advanced level so that you go a step higher in learning Swift when you complete each one. This is also a great resource for Objective-C tutorials.

#7. AppCoda

AppCoda is one of the best exclusive learning platforms for coders and developers. It has a course called Getting Started with Swift. AppCoda is not entirely for beginners. There are many courses across levels for almost all kinds of coders (beginners, intermediate and advanced). So, no matter if you are experienced in Swift or a newbie, there is always something new to learn in AppCoda.
AppCoda also offers courses pertaining to Objective-C in case you need to continue to use it.

#8. Chris Chares

Chris Chares’ guide called “Let’s Make a Swift App” is a bit outdated, by the general concepts can be used even now. Plus, this is a great place for the beginners to start learning Swift. This is a complete guide on making an app. This might help you to get on overview of app development. If you are looking for detailed and advanced content, you may not find much on this blog.

#9. Stanford University

Stanford University also does not stay behind when it comes to offering courses on Swift. It offers an online course called Developing iOS 8 Apps with Swift. This is one of the standard materials for learning Swift. Plus, its certificate also has much value, just in case you want to add it to your portfolio.

Stanford University has an extensive complete course on Swift. Though time-consuming, it is worth it. This course helps you learn almost all that is under the sky about Swift.

#10. NSHipster

NSHipster is also famous as Journal od Unknown Bits. If you have a decent knowledge and some command over the basics of Swift, then this is one of the best places to learn more intricate things about Swift and Objective-C which is not available anywhere else.


Though this was a compiled concise list of 10 places to start learning Swift from, it is not ultimate. Make sure you find the site which is suitable for you.

Also, if you are a mobile app developer, don't forget Android and Windows Phone! Being a cross-platform developer adds to your profile and credibility. 


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