Android Studio: customize the “back to parent” ActionBar icon image (homeAsUpIndicator)

Like you probably already know, the ActionBar of an Android App can be set to allow backwards navigation from a child Activity to its parent, assuming that the relationship has been properly configured in the AndroidManifest.xml file:

We won’t go any further: for a full reference guide to Backwards / Up Navigation we strongly suggest reading the official documentation. We’re just pointing out that, in order to show the “up to parent” icon, we need to set up the    method accordingly:

This simple command will bring the backwards navigation icon into the leftmost side of the activity ActionBar

In order to replace the default theme icon with a custom drawable image we need to add the following declaration to our theme xml file:

The theme file location may vary: it can be    or     or even another file, depending on your app project configuration. Also remember that, if you are supporting pre-11 APIs, the above declaration should be put into the theme file located into the   folder, whileast the theme file in    would require the old API style syntax instead:


Here’s a couple .rar archives containing some homeAsUpIndicator icons you can use to replace your theme‘s default ones: they are both white, so they could be a nice fit if your ActionBar features a black or dark-colored background color.

Happy coding!

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