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dir2json is a PHP CLI script that can be used to ouput the contents of a whole directory tree into a JSON-formatted file. To properly understand it, let’s do a quick example. Suppose we have a directory tree structure like this:

This would be the file generated by dir2json:

As we already said, it […]

jquery.scrolling plugin


This jQuery plugin adds the scrollin and scrollout events to jquery: these events will fire when any given element becomes visible/invisible in the browser viewport, allowing you to: automatically or programmatically show/hide any HTML content as soon as it comes inside or outside the browser viewport (i.e. when the user scrolls to them). prevent unnecessary processing […]



Native App for Android and iOS developed in partnership with Appresto SRLs. This is essentially a real-time messaging app based upon a private room system expecially designed to allow the users to chat without sending their personal data: each room is only accessible using a special access key given by the administrator, who is free to share it or keep it reserved to […]


DropDownList / Combobox like XCode UI Control, written in Objective-C. It uses the legacy iOS interface (UITextField & UIPickerView integration), so its appearance will adapt across past and future iOS releases. DownPicker can be used as a custom control (UIDownPicker) or as a control interface wrapper in order to upgrade any existing UITextField control: that way the developer will be able […]

Publicize With Hashtags

WordPress Plugin that will automatically append hashtags to any content sent by Jetpack’s Publicize module to Social Networks. If you don’t know what Jetpack’s Publicize module is, click here for more info. Plugin Features: Hashtags will be created using the post tags, (optionally) trimming the space chars, until the maximum character length is reached (if any). […]