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Visual Studio 2017, VS2015, VS2013, VS2012, VS2008, VS2005, VS2003 and VS6 Offline Installers & ISO files for download (All Versions)

Some weeks ago we published a rather comprehensive list of all Microsoft Visual Studio Build Numbers, Version IDs and Default Paths from VS6 to VS2017. For those who keep asking where they can download the ISO files of the older builds, we put together this far-from-complete list containing some of the most known official direct download links for the offline installers and/or ISO files, together with service packs and support files.

IMPORTANT: Let’s make it clear, this is not warez or pirate software: what we’re giving here is merely a list of links to some official Microsoft distributions offline installers public links collected from Google, StackOverflow and some MS support sites & forums.

If you want to add a new direct download link or make us aware of a broken one, write it on a comment and we’ll act accordingly adding or deleting the respective URL. It’s worth noting than we will only accept official links from any certified Microsoft-owned website.

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Visual Studio Build Numbers, Version IDs and Default Paths – All Releases from VS6 to VS2017

In this post I’ll try to create a comprehensive list of all the Visual Studio build numbers/version IDs and default paths, including any available/released/known RTMs and Update. If you see something that’s missing, please leave a comment and I’ll be happy to update it.

EDIT: if you need a direct download link to one of the many Visual Studio Offline Installers & ISO files (from VS6 to VS2017), click here.

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Unable to launch the IIS Express Web server error on Visual Studio 2015 – How to fix it

Working with Visual Studio on recent Windows versions such as Windows 10 can be tricky, as the improved security settings of the new OS might create some issues on a developer machine, which often need to have access to some system files – expecially when working with IIS Express. We talked about that in a number of post, for example here (error accessing IIS Metabase), here (allow external requests from remote machines) and also here (Process with an ID #### error).

Here we’ll introduce another issue you might stumble upon while working with an ASP.NET Core or MVC solution, right after you try to execute it in debug mode:

Unable to launch the IIS Express Web server

There are many workaround that might fix this issue: we suggest to try them one after another, stopping only when you manage to fix it.

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Visual Studio 2015 – How to fix TypeScript TS2304 compilation errors (and other ES6 compiling/transpiling issues)

I recently had my hard time trying to setup an ASP.NET Core 1.0Angular2 RC1 Web Project with Visual Studio 2015 and make the embedded TypeScript compiler/transpiler accept it. These were the errors I was facing:

As far as I knew, the issue was indeed related to the recent upgrade I made switching Angular2 beta to Angular2 RC1. I managed to fix that, but it took a fair amount of time due to the lack of documentation almost anywhere. Since I feel like it can happen to other developers, I will share the workarounds I found hoping to help someone to waste less time than I had to.

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