Top characteristics of a competent Web Developer How to pick the right guy (or girl) based on the most required non-technical qualities: flexibility, off-screen personality, passion and problem solving

Top characteristics of a competent Web Developer

The online face of every company is always maintained by the web developer you have. it is the role of the web developer or team to monitor your website, ensure online security, and design interactive features. It makes web designers have a high demand.In this article, I'll try to summarize the most important non-technical qualities of a good web developer - at least in my own opinion.


As technology continues to develop, the web development fields also change rapidly. You will realize that what was essential five years ago continues to become obsolete with time. So, the web developer you need to hire, is he/she enrolled in ongoing education?

You will need a web developer for your company that can bring the change. He will have the capacity of bringing your business into another online territory.

Off-Screen Personality

The essential characteristic of a web designer is one who comfortable behind the screen of computers. It should be a place they shine. So, when looking for a web developer chooses one with open communicative personality. He should be able to provide pleasant messages in the emails and also positive discussions. You can gauge some characters during the interview where you will learn more on their personality.


When you get a good web developer, he should be passionate about the work he does. It’s not all you find that is passion. A passion web developer can see beyond the page code and can create what you need.

If the web developer is a passion, he is having a customer service form. So, the web developers will be the ones in charge of maintaining the user experience online. However, it is also the role of the developer to ensure that customers get smooth online experience all the time.

Problem Solving

The web developer’s portfolio and history are vital but the inherent talent is what you need to hire. So, the web developer will need to have a higher degree of solving problems. It is not something you will find in the resume.

When hiring, also consider the problems they have solved for their previous clients or employers. So, you don’t only have to look at their basic information only. When working, were they able to revamp any outdated website? However, could they be able to also add some essential features that were suitable for better marketing? The tool they built, did it bring more revenue? These and more are some of the questions you should know.

While interviewing the candidate, you need to also ask some questions that will draw back more information regarding their creativity. Moreover, you can also learn whether they have the ability to stick to complex development problems.

The last thing you should know about the web developers is how they will describe the process of resolving frustrations. Naturally, a good web developer needs to feel excited while answering the questions.


In case you will have difficulties to determine the right web developer candidate, you can use personality assessment. It’s the way you will determine the right mix traits.


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