Top 5 Best Sales Prospecting Tools A list of the top five sales prospecting tools available on the market in 2021

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Sales Prospecting is an important part of any marketing campaign. It begins when the marketer starts making calls and sending emails to its acquired leads in hopes of making a sale.

You might already have a list of leads to whom you have not reached out in a long time. Or you might not have a lead list to begin with. No matter where you stand, sales prospecting tells you to reach out to them. You can do that via SMS, Emails, or cold calls.

Many big corporations have a dedicated team of sales prospectors. If you have a small marketing team or haven't yet thought seriously about sales prospecting, this article is for you. It lists down the top 5 sales prospecting tools in the market.


The first tool on our list of the top sales prospecting tools is SignalHire. Along with searching the internet for your target audience's contact details, you will also be able to validate them.

Once you have your sales prospects' contact information, you can go ahead and send them bulk emails. SignalHire comes with hundreds of pre-made email templates. Along with the web version, it also has an extension for Mozilla.

SignalHire currently has a database of 450M+ active users. It can also look through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, MeetUp, Dribbble, Gmail, Xing, Quora, and Amazon.

Using SignalHire, you can search emails in bulk. The upper limit for such searches is 1,000 at a time. You can also find your prospects' contact details using a person's name, location, and job title.

Unlike other such Sales Prospecting software, SignalHire boasts being the fastest one out there. It will look through the country, state, area, city, radius, and postal code and give you your desired results. And SignalHire will do all of these 10X faster than its competitors.

Once you have the Sales Prospects list, you can sync it with your CRM or mail it to your mailbox. Thanks to its analytics tools, you can track who has opened your emails and what is the conversion from your email outreach.


How can you generate leads? Maybe you deploy an Opt-in form on your website that users can either choose to fill-up or avoid completely. The conversion rate from Opt-in forms is relatively low.

So, is there any way around this? Can you get the contact information of your clients without having to set up an Opt-in form? Well, yes, and this is where Leadfeeder comes in. Using this online tool, you can find out your clients' contact details, even if they do not fill out an opt-in form.

After you install, activate the Leadfeeder script, and connect it with Google Analytics, you will be able to see what pages are getting the most views on your website. Based on these behaviors, you can devise your custom marketing and outreach campaign.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Do you know what Microsoft's biggest acquisition is? Back in 2016, it broke all previous records when it acquired LinkedIn for the whopping $26 Billion. It remains the largest acquisition by this company.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is aimed at giving professionals a platform where they can connect with other professionals from around the world.

For sales marketers, LinkedIn offers the Sales Navigator feature. It is a great tool that comes with advanced search filters. Users can save, recommend leads, and send emails directly from its interface. Using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator feature, you can conduct a company search, receive alerts on any activity by your lead, and create custom lists for better management.

For making work easier, it comes with a feature for CRM integration. It supports sales tools such as SNAP, Outlook, and so on.


Twitter is a great social media platform for microblogging that is limited to 140 characters only. According to a recent estimate, the platform has a total advertising audience of 353 Million. And its user base is going to increase. Forecasts suggest that its active user base will rise 2.4% in 2021.

If you want to conduct sales prospecting from Twitter, you can use the Free tool FollowerWonk. Using this free tool, you can search for people using specific keywords.

For example, if you want to create a list of Twitter users who are Content Writers, all you need to do is type in this keyword. You will also be able to see other important information such as what their interests are, what their geographic location is, what topics they are interested in, and so on.

Using this tool, you can Optimize the gains and losses of your followers and offer them what they like best.


Quora is a popular social media platform. Unlike Facebook, and Twitter, which focus more on microblogging, Quora lets its users ask and answer questions on the platform. Currently, it has over 300 million unique users per month.

Thanks to Quora's strict moderation rules, users can expect more insightful and detailed answers from the site. It is a great site for generating inbound links to your business website.

Users have the option of voting against every answer posted for any specific question. The more upvotes a certain answer has, the more reliable it is. On the other hand, the more downvotes a certain answer gets, the more irrelevant it is.

Another big reason for Quora's success is its Ad filtering algorithm. Users on this platform will not be bombarded with irrelevant ads they have no interest in.

How can you reach out to these people on Quora? You can look up their contact information from their Quora account or curate it from their linked Social Media accounts.


Now that you know about the top sales prospecting tools in the market, you can go ahead and start sales prospecting for your company today. However, you should always have a clear idea about who you are going to include in your sales prospecting campaign.


That's it, at least for the time being. If you need any further help or didn't understand any part of this article, please leave a comment below, and we will get back to you.

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