Similarities and Differences Between Power BI and MSBI Learn the key differences between Power BI and MSBI and get a better overall knowledge about Business Intelligence

Similarities and Differences Between Power BI and MSBI

MSBI & power BI are both well-known administrations in the Business Intelligence entire world now. In this way, here's an article looking at both, MSBI versus Power BI, for your audience.

Now, recall, MSBI can be really a commodity using ETL capacities. It concentrates, transforms & loads data, can sort out and imagine multidimensional information, whereas, Power BI is really a Data Analytics applications offering data simulating skills, which includes data planning, information detection and producing interactive dashboards. Thus, it wouldn't be reasonable to think about both of these items.

But we are able to assess the coverage application out of the two services. So fundamentally, when I state MSBI training, I'm going to discuss just one of the SQL Server Information Tools – SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Service).

Furthermore, when I state Power BI, I'm just discussing the Power BI , as it's not out of the question to contrast one detailing administration with another.

Following are the criteria on which the comparison will occur through for MSBI versus Power BI:

  • Definition
  • Implementation
  • Benefits
  • Learning Aspect
  • User Experience
  • Data


SSRS or SQL Server Reporting Administration is a BI Administration for Data or information analysis and creating reports on Server Based Information. It was created in 2004 by Microsoft, alongside its Data Analytics(SSAS/SQL Server Analysis Service) and Data Integrating(SSIS/SQL Server Integration Service) partners.

It is a far reaching extensible detailing stage and incorporates a coordinated arrangement of preparing part and automatic interfaces. It is utilized to configuration test and send the report.

Power BI, which is likewise created by Microsoft in the year 2017, is a data  analysis tool, which can be used for reporting and data analysis from the wide range of data sources. Power BI desktop allows its users to create and publish reports on the fly, which the end-users can view using any browser.

It is basic and easy to understand, which helps business examiner analyst and enables clients to work effectively on it. It is extremely valuable for the analysis of complex and immense informational indexes. It is generally utilized for displaying and organizing of unshaped information.


The biggest difference between these two systems is the way in which they are deployed.

Power BI is a cloud-based software and is hosted on the vendor’s servers and accessed through a web browser, though, MSBI is an on-premise programming is introduced locally, on an organization's own computers and servers. The fact that both of these services are equally promising, has led to an ongoing discussion about the superiority and the security concerns of one over the other.

The essential point is that not all arrangements work similarly well on the Cloud or in an on-premise facilitated arrangement. There are favorable circumstances and shortcomings to the two phases. Your decision between these stages will depend a great deal on the sort of need, administration or programming you're thinking about.

Similarities and Differences Between Power BI and MSBI

On account of Power BI, equipment disappointments don't bring about information misfortune due to organized reinforcements. Cloud computing utilizes remote assets, sparing associations the expense of servers and other hardware. A utility pay structure in Power BI empowers clients to pay for the assets they use.

Be that as it may, with the ascent of cloud-based administrations, dread becomes an integral factor. Everything thought of you as, are trusting in someone else to have your data, isn't that so? This dread is across the board to such an extent that numerous IT heads accept that these incredible cloud administrations are a security nightmare.


Both of these administrations have their very own advantages. While SSRS by MSBI has a superior drill-down Power BI, on the opposite side, has plenty of rich visuals which speaks to information so much better.

Which basically implies, in MSBI, data to detailed information which is categorized by/focused around a specific factor, is gone after viably. Be that as it may, Power BI is a superior Examination apparatus because of its Information displaying capacities and a solid visuals portrayal of information. Additionally, since, it was intended to improve Oneself Assistance abilities of more established SSRS, anyone who can picture information can utilize it effectively.

Learning Aspect

Power BI is known as a graphical tool. Along these lines, through drag and drops, you can satisfy a large portion of your prerequisites. However, its experience forms are covered up and you can't see how it forms inside.

In SSRS, the developer needs to do all the coding and planning of the report, consequently, the designer has a superior image of the procedure.

User Experience

Power BI has significantly progressively a graphical component when contrasted to SSRS. This makes the previous way progressively productive and simpler to utilize, making SSRS the more manual and troublesome alternative for investigation and creating reports.


Power BI can manage organized just as unstructured information however its information limit is constrained to 10 MB or 33,000 lines of information.

Similarities and Differences Between Power BI and MSBI

SSRS manages organized and semi-organized information and doesn't put that much weight on the information motor, subsequently, you can make bigger reports on it.


SSRS will be to get the pixel flawless, usable coverage. Power BI is above all else an analysis tool, it enables you to picture your data in various manners so as to permit further comprehension of your business.

Till today SSRS features plenty of existence nevertheless today Power BI has produced its existence understood around all domain names. The option in between Power B I and also SSRS will probably be driven and straightforward requirements. In case your business simply utilizes paginated accounts on-premises, you are going to come to a decision that SSRS can be a much cheaper alternative. About the opposite hand when you've they should leave analytical or interactive stories on-premises, or you've got SQL Server Enterprise Edition using software assurance, at that point Power BI announcing services will probably be your favored decision.

Thus, since you know the upsides and downsides of every one of these administrations, which one do you like? In the event that you like this article and need all the more such substance on Business Intelligence, do let us know in the comment area beneath, and we will be glad to oblige.

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