Microsoft 70-741 exam and MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification All about the Microsoft 70-741 exam and the MCSA Certification: how pass them with a great score and why they are a great chance to boost your IT career

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Are you an aspiring or working IT Professional? Do you want to make a good career in the IT Sector? If yes than you should know that for a good career in this sector, the only thing that will help you is knowledge. The IT sector has ample number of opportunities for the newcomers as well as the experienced individuals. Every company in the world needs a big or small IT Cell to take care of a variety of functions. This means, numerous job opportunities. So, if there are so many job opportunities, how can you get them?

The answer to the question above is simple. You can get the jobs by having enough information and the required skills for the jobs. Even if you have enough information, how can you prove that you do on the basis of a one hour interview? Well, to prove your skills, you have to get them certified. The certification acts like a sure shot proof that the individual is an expert in a certain department and can work for the company. Certifications are extremely useful for your IT career.

Another important thing to factor is what certification you are getting. Microsoft is the most known companies all around the world and their certifications are the best. There are numerous Microsoft certifications that you can apply for and give the exam. One such certification is Microsoft MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification. The candidates are only certified when they pass the 70-741 exams along with 70-740 and 70-742 exams.

In the article below, we will read all about 70-741 exam and how you can pass this exam with a great score. You will also see the advantages of this exam and its impact on your career.

What is Microsoft MCSA: Windows Server 2016 Certification?

It verifies your status as a computer systems administrator or as a computer network specialist. It will be a very first step on your path to growing as Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert further. In IT industry getting this MCSA certification will be really helpful to get an amazing hike.

What is Microsoft 70-741 Exam?

Microsoft 70-741 exam is to examine that is taken to test the eligibility of the. The exam tests the theoretical as well as the practical capacity at Windows Server 2016 technologies of the candidate that is required to acquire this certification.

1. What is the exam pattern for 70-741 exam?

70-741 exam has 60 questions that the person need to solve in about two hours time. The number of questions can vary from paper to paper as Microsoft does not inform about the exact number of questions that will appear. The questions are all objective and the candidate has to give the exam in Microsoft Test Centers.

2. Who can apply for this exam?

The candidates who are above the age of 18 years can pass Microsoft Windows Server 2016. There are no other qualification requirements to give this exam. It is advice that the candidates should have a six months experience in working with Microsoft Server 20162. This is not a compulsory qualification but will help the students in passing the exam.

3. What are the languages available for exam 70-741?

The candidates can pick from the six given languages to write this exam. The six languages include English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese. Language selection can be done while filling the form.

4. What is the cost of Microsoft 70-741 exam?

A cost of $165 has to be paid to schedule the exam. The candidates who are appearing for the exam again will also have to pay this fee for registration. The fee amount will vary from country to country and if you want to know about your country, check on the Microsoft website.

5. What is the syllabus and topics covered?

The candidates are judged on the basis of a few skills that they need to master in order to get certified. These skills are tested in the form of questions that are given in this exam. The skills are as follows:

  1. Implementing domain name system
  2. Implement an advanced network infrastructure
  3. Implement remote access solutions and network connectivity
  4. Implement DHCP and IPAM
  5. Implement distributed and core network solutions

There are numerous sub topics given for these skills that need to be studied. Download this syllabus from the official Microsoft website.

Study Stuff and Techniques

The students can choose from the following preparation options for their 70-741 exams.

1. Books

The books can be bought at the Microsoft Press Store. Here you will get the books that are specifically designed for 70-741 exam preparation only.

2. Self Preparation

The next option is preparing through self preparatory trainings that can be accessed online from PrepAway. You can get the exam prep videos, study stuff and much more from the website and start studying by yourself in your own time.

3. Instructor-led training

The instructor led training is a hand held training in which the candidates are taught from the basics. This training can last from a week to a month or more. You can also join classroom training to brush up your skills.

4. Practice Tests

The practice tests are very important for any person to ace in their 70-741 exams. You can download he practice tests from the PrepAway website and solve them regularly.

The Advantages of Passing Microsoft 70-741 Exam

Exams are never fun, but passing Microsoft 70-741 exam comes with a lot of advantages. The first advantage is that you will become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate Professional (Once you clear related exams as well to get MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification). For all the people who are in the IT field, it’s a very big thing. Secondly, the skills that you will learn while preparing for this exam will be useful for you in your jobs. Having a certification from Microsoft in hand means that you will be able to apply for many more jobs and many new ventures will open for you.


Microsoft 70-741 exam can be a stepping stone towards success. Just remember that the exam is actually created to test the skills of the individuals. Microsoft designs the paper after a lot of research; hence you will need a lot of exam preparation. Do not fall for the 100% success scams of the websites which can even provide you with false information.


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