Digital Influence: Web Design Impact On Marketing Strategy Web site design shouldn't be a task for SEO specialists only: graphic designers can (and should) still do their part

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When ranking sites search engines take into account behavioral factors - record the rating of users when visiting the resource. This affects the position in the output. For their prompting search engines take sanctions, after which the traffic drops.

The well-thought-out design of the site affects the behavior of visitors, has a direct bearing on the effective SEO-promotion, and, therefore, on the attraction of clients and sales growth. The website should be made as convenient and understandable as possible. And in this case, the uniqueness of the design is not always crucial. Good design agencies - such as FuseLab Creative - will definitely take care of analyzing how the appearance of the site affects its promotion.

What is UX design and its components

User Experience Design is a design that aims to create the most useful and user-friendly product. Its goal is to help you get what you want with a minimum of actions. The concept of UX design revolves around some key aspects, which we'll do our best to address in the following paragraphs.

Information architecture

First of all, the study of the target audience, based on the specifics of the site, geographical, economic, psychological and other characteristics. The designer should have a clear understanding of the preferences of visitors to develop the appropriate structure of the site.

SEO-specialist should also take into account the information about the target audience when creating a semantic tree, the structure of navigation, the scheme of user interaction on the site.

Visitors should not be distracted by useless information. The goal is to help him to find the desired one as soon as possible.

Work on graphics

The beautiful site is not always a convenient site. The design should be pleasant for the user (again, the preferences of the target audience are taken into account). Topics also matter. The design of the site selling jewelry will be very different from the design, for example, an online magazine, where nothing should distract from reading.


Search engines take into account not only the semantics of the texts but also their usefulness to visitors. If the content on the site is not interesting, poorly structured, not illustrated, the user is unlikely to study it. And the search engine will definitely fix it. This applies to the photo of goods. The visitor should not only get comprehensive basic information about the product but also additional. The time when it was easy enough to place into the text as many key requests as possible has long passed.

The realization of each stage should be carried out in cooperation with the designer and SEO-specialist. But at the same time, and do not forget that a beautiful and convenient site - this is only part of the successful promotion. And only this factor is not enough to achieve the goals.

Key design requirements

Usability - This is what determines the comfort of the client when visiting your resource. That's what should be at the forefront of design. The target audience of different websites will be different, but still, in general, it is possible to determine the main requirements of users to the design of the web resource:

  • Ease of perception of information: the site when you visit should not cause a sense of chaos. If the owner could not even put his web page in the order, then can he be trusted by buying any goods? Do they meet the stated characteristics, will they be delivered on time (and will they be at all)? That's what the user will think and most likely prefer to leave the site. Therefore, the presentation of information should be clearly thought out.
  • Design: to spoil the appearance of the site is very easy. Poor combination of colors (both gloomy and inappropriate optimistic), poor quality graphics and general depressive look of the site will cause the appropriate mood of visitors. Most of them will simply leave, and not having reached the main - to the presented goods.
  • Fonts: you need to select simple fonts without unnecessary elements. The peculiarity of the human brain's perception of the printed text is such that during reading a person fixes only the beginning and the end of the word.
  • Adaptive make-up: there are already many more users who buy from mobile devices than PC owners. Modern smartphones and tablets have the functionality of computers and allow you to perform any operation. Everything you need can be bought on the way to work or during a snack in a cafe. If the design of the site will not be adapted to mobile devices with different screen sizes and resolutions, you will lose an impressive number of customers.
  • Navigation: even if you have tens of thousands of products on your site, many of which differ only in insignificant characteristics, the user should find them in a few seconds. If you don't, you can be sure that your competitors will.
  • Speed of loading the site: pages can not be overloaded with unnecessary graphics, software scripts, and other elements. Loading speed affects many indicators. If it is high, a much larger number of users are waiting for the page load, and the site is ranked above search engines.


A large number of refusals also happens because of problems with loading. After all, before the user makes a purchase, he can view several pages - characteristics, descriptions, reviews, photos, terms of payment and delivery, etc. The more pages you view, the higher your trust in the site. And if the download is slow, he will not wait long. That's why website design shouldn't be a task assigned only to a SEO specialist, yet also to a graphic designer or other relevant employees.



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