Comodo cWatch - How to Keep your Website Clean from Malware The brand-new Comodo’s cWatch anti-malware tool will help small businesses to keep their websites clean

Comodo cWatch - How to Keep your Website Clean from Malware

Malicious software, or malware- something that everyone who goes online today has to reckon with. Malware comes in many forms and would reside within the codes of websites that are infected. Lurking within the codes, the malware would do all kinds of malicious activities. It would steal the personal data that unsuspecting visitors enter on the website and then send the same to cyber criminals who'd misuse it or sell it. Malware would also hijack innocuous online ads and take users to phishing websites. It sometimes comes seeking you via phishing emails, as downloads or links with malicious codes that would play mischief on your system.

Businesses big and small are affected by malware strikes. A small business which relies primarily on its website for a major share of its transactions could get impacted in a big way if a malware strike happens and the hosting provider takes down the website itself. Valuable customers would be lost, money loss would consequently happen and in some cases, it could even cause the business to close down.

It's here that cWatch, the comprehensive website security service from Comodo, comes in. Comodo has already earned a reputation as a global leader in cybersecurity solutions.

Comodo Threat Research Labs, in its recent Global Malware Report, discusses the three top malware types that made an impact in 2017. While Trojans accounted for 41 percent of all malware detections, applications accounted for 24 percent and backdoors 10 percent. The report says that unsafe applications and unwanted applications were most prevalent in the U.S (along with viruses and malware packers), though they were detected in over 180 countries.

Carlos Solari, Comodo’s Vice President of Cybersecurity Services tells us that most hackers would prefer hiding malware within websites. This because websites are by nature designed to interface with the internet and hence in any computer network, it's the websites that would be the most exposed part.

Designed for small businesses

As a global leader in cyber security solutions, Comodo has been providing all kinds of security software- for personal users and for enterprises, suiting large businesses as well as smaller ones. cWatch, however, has been designed keeping the small businesses and their websites in mind.

cWatch is a very dynamic and useful product. It includes Comodo's free website malware removal service, which was launched in November 2017. It works really fast and in less than 30 minutes, a team of cybersecurity operation center analysts will scan your website for malware and remove any malware that's detected. cWatch services are available 24x7. The best part of it is that you needn't enter even your company credit card to get started with cWatch.


Comodo cWatch can be used for cleaning your website as soon as you realize it has got infected, but the fact remains that for websites the usual, one-time cleaning won't work. If you don't take sufficient precautions, a website is likely to get re-infected in just about six hours after you have cleaned it. cWatch cleans your web files and also cleans the databases to remove the code that could cause your website to be re-infected. Comodo's security operations center will help you sort things out if they detect any vulnerabilities and also put you behind the firewall.

cWatch provides live assistance 24-7, 365 days a year; the plans start at $9.90 per month. The software, which can be used with any website or CMS platform, would perform scans ever six hours and then remove all detected malware. If you're willing to pay more, you can also get your website scanned every four hours by updating to a premium plan for $24.90 per month. The software is rather easy to deploy and guarantees maximum protection for all websites.

The free malware detection and removal process provided by cWatch is beneficial not just for the small business end user; it's beneficial for Comodo as well. When lots of companies use the service, the Comodo team gets more opportunities to learn about the behavior pattern of various kinds of malware that work within website networks. This helps the company more efficient at understanding, categorizing and detecting malware.

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