5 Most Common Mistakes Made By Non-Designers Some relevant examples of web design errors as well as tips on how to avoid them

The importance of Graphic Designing

Errors in web design affect the effectiveness of the website, so it is very important that productions contain sites that are not only visually appealing but also easy to use. In this article, we will give you examples of web design errors as well as tips on how to avoid them.

An Ill-conceived Layout

Users come to your site because they need information, but if that information is poorly organized, they leave. Therefore, the entire structure of the page should be thought out so that the user can understand where to find what he needs just running through her eyes.

That the basic errors of web design have not got on your following breadboard model:

  • Always use the grid. It divides the layout into vertical and/or horizontal guides, around which the content of the page is built.
  • Apply the rule of two thirds: divide the image into 9 identical parts (3 x 3) and place the object you want to draw attention to at the intersection of these lines.
  • Stick to the rules of the Golden Ratio - you don't even need to do calculations manually, just use one of the many online calculators. The page layout is divided into two parts, larger (a) and smaller (b), with (a+b): a = a:b.

Inconvenient Navigation

If the user is unable to find a link to any section of the site, he or she will simply decide that the section does not exist. In addition, clicking on the menu item, the user expects to go to the appropriate section of the site, and with the drop-down menu he has to choose again where to go:

Remember the following:

  • The user expects that the horizontal navigation will be located at the top, and the vertical - on the left.
  • If there are not many sections, do not use the drop-down menus.
  • The items that attract the most attention are those that go first and at the end. Therefore, place all the most important things at the beginning, and let the last item be the data for communication.

Inconsistency in Page Design

At the point when the pages of one site have an alternate plan, it tends to befuddle (in light of the fact that outwardly it might appear to the client that he has moved to another site). Also, if the area of route and search box changes from page to page, the general impression of the site will be incredibly negative.

  • Utilize a similar shading plan on all pages.
  • Ensure that the vertical and flat separates between the components of the design were the equivalent all over the place.
  • Headings on various pages ought to be a similar size.
  • Try not to change the situation of route on various pages.
  • Adhere to a similar connection design.
  • Use symbols with a similar style.
  • Guarantee the consistency of the structure plan.

Unfortunate Color Scheme

Colors that do not fit the theme or resonate with it, will affect the perception of the site. Using converging colors, you risk losing the visitor in the first seconds.

The design doesn’t fit some screen resolutions

This disservice can happen in various ways: for instance, clients with a lower resolution of the screen seem flat looking over.

To make the structure look great on general goals:

  • The most significant squares ought to be at the highest point of the page so clients don't need to look over a great deal.
  • Check whether it is advantageous to peruse the content in various sections, given their width.
  • Ensure that all things stay set up and nothing moves out.


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