The key skillsets to become a successful Product Owner in 2020
My (bad) customer experience with SEMrush

My (bad) customer experience with SEMrush The top rated SEO platform for managing online visibility doesn't seem to have a customer & sales support good enough to match its reputation

If you are a bit passionate about SEO and online marketing, you have probably already heard of SEMrush, an extremely sophisticated platform that offers solutions to manage all aspects of …

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Tools and technologies that you must get for your IT business

Tools and technologies that you must get for your IT business Are you plan to starting a small tech company or firm? Don't miss out on getting these invaluable set of tools and assets

When starting a new tech business, one of the key challenges that entrepreneurs face is staying on top of all its requirements. From collaborating with internal teams and communicating with …

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DevOps Methodology, Lifecycle and Best Practices explained

How to secure your CI/CD pipeline Three important security countermeasures you might want to implement to ensure that your CI/CD pipeline is as secure as it can be

It is widely known that the CI/CD pipeline is one of the most effective ways to work in software development. CI/CD provides an unmatched integration from start to finish for …

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Important Insights If You Plan to Digitize Your Business