How Do I Boost My Website on Google? Some useful insights about how Google SEO ranking works and six valuable tips to improve your website SERP placement

How Do I Boost My Website on Google?

Isn't the internet the go-to option for every doubt you have? Don't you open a search engine and begin surfing when you want to avail of a service or buy a product? Search engines have become an elixir of life, facilitating great convenience.

Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and many other search engines were commonly used in the past. However, ever since Google stepped in, other search engines have almost been lopsided. Google has the highest traffic and is accessed by a large population worldwide. Estimates suggest that there are around 228 million searches per hour on Google and roughly 5.6 billion searches per day!
All this is enough reason to have your website rank higher on Google. Google focuses on delivering the users the most relevant results for their searches. When you have a website on Google, the web spiders of Google crawl through the content and information on your website, evaluate its functionality and determine its rank.

When your website ranks high, it boosts the traffic and leads are generated, which in turn, improves your reliability, and increases your brand reach, thereby resulting in business growth.
Boosting your website on Google, therefore, becomes vital; since even with the most stellar website if your visibility on the ranking position is low, you are destined to have negligible or minimal organic traffic.

But how do you exactly boost your website? Here we have listed a few ways to do so.

Start with a strong foundation

Keep core web vitals as your focal point. Even if you incorporate excellent SEO strategies; poor website structure and mediocre informational architecture can bring doom to your business. Work on making your website smooth for Google spiders to crawl through and users to navigate through. For this purpose, you can perform an SEO audit.

Create a great page experience for users

Page experience is how users perceive the experience of interacting with your website. Your digital accessibility matters. It is a crucial component as it engages the audience and creates first impressions of your brand.

A great page experience can retain the traffic and even drive more. Website accessibility services can aid in digital accessibility as they are well-versed with the accessibility website standards.
Page experience goes beyond informational content and considers other aspects of the website. A few ways to enhance page experience for users are:

  • Website speed. With intensely busy schedules, no one likes to wait on a website to get loaded to access information. If users notice your website is slow, they are likely to leave the page before it loads. It is, therefore, important to monitor and improve the speed of your website from time to time.
  • File size. If you are uploading images and video content on your website or any other kind of file, it is essential that you tailor the file size dimensions to fit the website appropriately so your website looks well structured.
  • Mobile-friendly. Over 90% of the population globally makes use of mobile phones to go online. Therefore, make sure your website is mobile-friendly so it is accessible to a larger audience. You can seek the help of web accessibility consultants who with their knowledge and experience can give you the best results.
  • No interstitials. Interstitials are ads that appear on your webpage when a person lands on it, which usually distracts the user. So, make attempts to make your website devoid of such ad promotions.

Optimize your pages for Google

Quality content forms the basis for higher ranking. Optimize the content on your page for Google. Add structured data which is well organized so Google recognizes what your website is about. Make sure the length of your title does not exceed the range of 135 and 159 characters. Titles and meta descriptions play a significant role in your ranking so write unique titles with an attractive description that also contains a target keyword. Further, keep your internal anchor text specific without being elusive.

Optimize for search intent

Google greatly prioritizes understanding the context of a user query to bring up the most relevant results. There are 4 broad kinds of search intent- Informational, navigational, commercial and transactional. Find what intent fits your website or business services/products the best and design it to match the intent.

Optimize internal links

Internal links are very effective in driving traffic to your website. They should be placed strategically and should be working properly. With a proper internal linking strategy in place, your best page would appear on the first level. Also, pay attention to broken links; fix them and other duplicate links too as they result in a negative user experience. With a few tricks, you can up your internal linking game.

Set a Google alert to reclaim your site mentions

With a Google alert in place, you can easily track your brand mentions across the internet. In case it is not linked back to your site, you can request the webmaster to link them back.
When people surf the internet; around 75 percent of users never go past the first page of search results. Your organic traffic, therefore, has a strong positive correlation with your search engine ranking position.


We hope that our insights about how to improve your website SERP placement on Google will be useful: with these tips in mind, now you can work on improving your ranking by adapting the above-mentioned tips.


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